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The Jobe Wakeboard Design Contest!

Always dreamed of wakeboarding on a board designed by yourself?

Jobe offers you that unique chance. The watersport brand gives you the possibility to design your own Jobe wakeboard. The winning design will be produced and taken into the Jobe/Jstar collection for 2011!

This means your wakeboard will be published in the 2011 brochure which has a spread of 100.00 copies worldwide. For example you could find your wakeboard in a shop in Argentina.

Besides this all, the winner will receive the board for free as well.

What does it take? The only thing you have to do is follow the steps below. Send your Jobe design and you might be the lucky winner!

1. Visit the website

2. Click on the button: 'Design Instructions' and study the demands your design needs to have.

3. Click on the button: 'Design Instruments' and download the files to get started.

4. Design your own Jobe Wakeboard which covers the design demands.

5. Click on the button 'Upload Design', upload your design and fill out the personal information.

You can upload your design until the 26th of march 2010!

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