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AVE's And Hyperlite's Rewritten Named Video Of The Year
Press Release
Date: 12-06-2009

The 9th Annual Alliance Superlative Awards have been announced in the latest issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine. Up for grabs are some of the industries most prestigious awards including Rookie of the Year, Rider of the Year & Video of the Year. Hyperlite is honored that Chris Kallas received the 2009 Wakeskate Rookie of the Year award. His riding in Rewritten along with other video clips helped Chris earn this title just as he landed in Australia for the summer down under.

Speaking of Rewritten...How about Video of the Year and Video Section of the Year!

Both awards are well deserved so we feel and are a testament to the creativity and hard work that the producers, cinematographers & riders put into this film. Rewritten stepped way outside the box as far as wakeboard films go and this quote from FUEL TV's Shon Tomlin, Vice President of Programming & Development says it all.

"We're excited to have the opportunity to feature and broadcast Rewritten on FUEL TV. In my personal opinion, this film was the outstanding leader of all films released in 2009. It's a prime example of your expertise in this space and your teams' innovative approach to film making and most importantly, to making wakeboarding an exciting sport to watch. Rewritten is a prime example of pushing the level of cinematography, editing, and motion graphic design and execution."

Hyperlite and A.V.E. have entered Rewritten into the X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival for 2010. Accepted films will be announced on December 15th and the big party goes down in Salt Lake City, January 21 - 26, we'll keep our fingers crossed!

Hyperlite would like to thank the crew from A.V.E. and our Riders who came together to make Rewritten the Video of the Year!

Buy Rewritten at the Boardstop or at Boardflix.

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