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M.I.S.C. Video Review
Reviewed by: Pat McCarthy

M.I.S.C. is a video recently released by Brannon Meek and Studio Dang that contains some of the craziest footage we've seen in a while in the wakeboarding and wakeskating worlds.


M.I.S.C. is pretty much what "misc" is an abbreviation for, miscellaneous. Meek might have had something else in mind with those initials, but this video definitely vibes with that title. It contains all kinds of wakeboarding, wakeskating, motocross, skateboarding, and off the water footage that is all over the map. What's nice about M.I.S.C. is that it keeps you entertained, you see some crazy things, and the video actually flows pretty well covering so much subject matter.


The cinematography in this video is pretty standard. It doesn't blow you away, but you don't complain about it either. A combination of both film and digital footage, from many angles, leaves you satisfied.


M.I.S.C. falls in line with the recent standard in wakeboarding videos to run about 30-40 minutes. It's pack full of action, and not much time is wasted.


The music in this video is pretty good and upbeat, so it goes along well with the footage. Bands include Insolence, Jane's Addiction, Propellerheads, Jimi Hendrix, Kotton Mouth Kings, The Doors, Fugazi, and a special song from Parks Bonifay.


M.I.S.C. contains wakeboarding, wakeskating, motocross, surfing, and other random footage.

It starts out with some of the worst slider wrecks caught on video over the last couple of years. It reminds you that sliding can indeed be dangerous! It then moves into some various successful riding, including a huge Backside 540 way out into the flats by Randy Harris, and a nice Pete Rose by Leslie Kent.

M.I.S.C. then moves on to a wakeskating section featuring Brian Grubb and Ryan Byerly. Some of the clips are also seen in Beg, Borrow, and Steal, but there is some other good stuff worth seeing, including a nice boardslide to shuvit 360 by Grubb.

Next up is some miscellaneous footage including a guy urinating on himself to help with a jellyfish sting (we think), some big wave surfing, and footage of a fight between parents and coaches at a Pop Warner football game!

We then get moved on to some footage at the projects including the quarterpipe of doom when Randy Harris catches air and breaks his arm on the flat bottom when he comes down.

M.I.S.C. then takes us on to Drew McGuckin and Thomas Horrell on their Cassette wakeskates. A lot of the footage is shot from right next to the rider and shows a great angle at how technical doing shuvits and other various tricks can be on the wakeskate. Some hightlights include a one-foot air and 180 Body Varial by McGuckin, and Horrell's usual shuvit genius.

We then get some more random footage, including a very bad golfer who repeatedly bombards the crowd on the side with golf shots, and some midget wrestling.

To top the video off is a good Byerly section of Byerly riding motocross, wakeskating, hitting sliders on the wakeskate and wakeboard, and riding the Swatch "flow tube" man made wave. One nice highlight is Byerly doing a shuvit on the wakeskate while holding his baby daughter in one arm!

Then we get a great finish of Parks entertaining the crowd at a bar singing the song "A--hole". Pretty funny stuff.


M.I.S.C. is very entertaining due to the fast pace, great wrecks, miscellaneous footage, and outstanding riding on the wakeboard and wakeskate. Some of the footage we've seen before in other films, and the video itself isn't particularly groundbreaking. For these reasons, we give it 3.75 out of 5 stars, and recommend it for anyone who likes to see crazy stuff!

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