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Quiksilver and Axis Wake Research Together On A Lake Near You
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Date: 10-11-2009

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(Huntington Beach, CA) - Quiksilver is promoting superior wake sport performance and individual expression with their new custom wrapped Axis Wake Research A22 wakeboard boat. These two companies have partnered to further their shared objectives of expanding a rider's skill-set, pride and style regardless of budget. They plan to demonstrate this message by pulling distinctive pro rider Randall "The Vandall" Harris, behind the industry's fastest growing value-class big wake boat brand. Next season look to catch a ride with the Quiksilver A22 and The Vandall on the water near you.

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The Quiksilver/Axis Wake partnership came about the way many great joint ventures do - respected friends suggested the connection. Riding for both Quiksilver and Axis Wake Research, Vandall was informed of Quiksilver's desire to obtain a performance-centric wakeboard boat that provides a good value. Corey Marotta of Alliance MultiMedia was also aware of Quiksilver's quest for big wakes and style for a reasonable price. Both suggested the Axis A22 and the rest is history.

"We're stoked to see these two brands come together and honored to be the conduit. The A22 is one of the best performing values in the wake boat market and with Quiksilver's reach and brand history, this partnership offers both companies an amazing way to spread each of their messages. And at the center, is Vandall," explained Marotta.

Adam McCall, Managing Director for Axis Wake Research, was excited to associate his new unique wake boat brand with a powerhouse like Quiksilver, but even more intrigued by the similarities in the two companies' objectives. "Quiksilver and Axis Wake Research share an energy for improving the experiences of the sports we love." McCall continued, "It's because of this mutual focus, that we look forward to collaborating on many projects within the board sports industry."

As one of the World's largest boardsport companies, Quiksilver is dedicated to providing the gear that helps riders discover individuality and progress in water sports. Axis Wake Research shares this same commitment while at the same time bringing pride to the entry-level wakeboard boat buyer with big wakes, styling and a low price.

Blake Choate, Quiksilver Wake Team Manager, had this to say about the new Quicksilver/Axis partnership, "I'm super hyped on the partnership between Quiksilver and Axis. Quiksilver being one of the biggest boardsport companies, we were looking to partner up with a boat company with the best value and best wake. Axis was that company. We also share one of the top athletes in wakeboarding, Vandall. This made the marriage of the two companies seamless."

It is this set of values that Quiksilver plans to demonstrate with Axis A22 and The Vandall on tour next summer. Stay tuned to Quiksilver's Mountain and Wave Blog for stop dates and details. Or if you can't wait to test the new Axis A22 wakeboard boat, log on to and find your nearest dealer for a personal A22 Drive N' Ride.

About Axis Wake Research: Axis Wake Research manufactures high performance, price point wakeboard boats with new levels of quality, performance, style and owner pride. Axis performance and customer satisfaction is unmatched in the price-point market thanks to aggressive grassroots research and development. These efforts revolve around the specific needs and wants of core riders and families alike. Or as the team at Axis Wake Research likes to say and the Axis name implies "We're centered on you."

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