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Leslie Kent Joins Mastercraft Team
Mastercraft Press Release

Vonore, TN - The popularity of wakeboarding as a lifestyle sport is swelling like a tsunami and Leslie Kent is riding the surge, rip'n waves and
break'n hearts behind a MasterCraft.

Originally a start-up skate boarder and surfer, Kent has developed a style all her own on the Pro Tour that has captured the attention of fans, athletes and photographers alike. Her style, straw hat, easy-going attitude and ability to pop a Pete Rose and rip a Slob Front to Fakie is turning heads.

"I've placed really well at Pro Tour stops and other events," said Kent. "But wakeboarding is more than just a contest to me. It's my lifestyle and I'm always trying to be an innovator. I'm not always on the podium, but I get recognized a lot."

On several occasions Kent has graced the pages of mainstream and counter culture magazines. She has even appeared in national prime-time television commercials doing donuts in a Ford Ranger. In May, Kent will be featured in Elle magazine, read by 4 million people each month.

"Leslie brings a lot of additional talent and enthusiasm to our Pro Team and to women's water sports," said Rob May, director of marketing. "She exudes style and innovation in the sport of wakeboarding and wakeskating and so does MasterCraft. We're really excited about having her on the Team and the endless possibilities for success that presents for both Leslie and our brand."

When Kent's not riding on the Pro Tour, she concentrates on wakeskating, building 30-foot rail sliders and marketing her image inside and out the world of wakeboarding. She'll also be training behind a MasterCraft X-Star, the official towboat of the Pro Wakeboard Tour (PT'02), the X-Games and the Vans Triple Crown.

"The first wakeboard boat my dad bought was a MasterCraft," said Kent. "My coach told me that if I was serious about going pro, I needed to train behind the best wake. I really love MasterCraft because they're serious about supporting the sport, the boats are dependable and they look good."

Pro Tour Dates
April 6-7 Orlando, FL - Orlando WaterSports Complex
May 3-5 Charleston, SC - Trophy Lakes
June 15-16 Detroit, MI - Island Lake State Park
June 29-30 Indianapolis, - IN The Precedent
July 13-14 Kelowna, B.C., CAN - Okanagan Lake
July 27-28 Lake Elsinore, CA - The Channel

Leslie Kent:

Leslie Kent

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