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Foo Golf Makes a Splash at Nationals
Press Release
Date: 08-30-2009

View the photo gallery here. All photos courtesy of Marty Head.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Foo Golf introduced its new illegal golf ball, the Foo-King Long Ball, at the 2009 Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships, presented by Rockstar, by hosting three long drive contests over the event site with Ronix Team Riders Danny Harf and Chad Sharpe.
WWA National attendees had the opportunity to enter into a drawing to go head to head with either Harf or Sharpe in a long drive contest. A hitting mat was set up in front of the Ronix/Rockstar tent and the contestants drove out over the river, clearing the fun box and two Air Nautiques. Each competitor was given three Foo-King Long Balls and a Tour Edge Driver. It would take a solid 225 yard shot to clear the water, while a grassy park acted as a fairway on the other side.

Graydon Wyatt of Amarillo, Texas was drawn first and he went head to head with Harf. Although Wyatt did get a hold of one of his three shots, Harf showed us that he came to Nationals looking for a win. All three of Harf's drives cleared the river easily, and the third drive checked in at an estimated 350 yards. Wyatt took the defeat in stride though, saying that he got "destroyed", but warned Harf of a possible rematch later in the summer.

Kevin Doke of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was the second contestant drawn. That afternoon, he encountered Sharpe on the hitting mat. Doke and Sharpe battled it out, sending a barrage of Foo-Balls across the fun box, clearing the boats, and safely landing in the park on the other side of the water, coming to rest some 325 yards away. Although it was neck and neck, the lefty, Sharpe, edged out Doke for the win.

A third contest was set up in the early evening between Harf and Sharpe. A dozen balls were sent into and over the river, some landing 150 yards away, and some sailing over the 300 mark. The two Ronix Team Riders alternated on the hitting mat; Harf hitting off of the right handed tee and Sharpe off of the left. When the grass and water settled, it was Danny Harf claiming his first Foo-Ball Long Drive Contest victory.
Look for Foo Golf to make a splash at another tour stop near you. Additional pictures and video can be found on the Foo Golf Blog at

About Foo-Golf:
Foo Golf is the manufacturer of Foo-King Long, the first illegal ball designed for optimum performance, from tee to green. Foo Golf products can be found in golf stores all across the country, and online at

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