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American Boardsports Co. (OTCBB:ABCI), innovative producer of snowboard, wakeboard and skateboard products today introduced its new line of Wakeskate boards under the "Kampus" brand name.

This new line features the unique graphics and technical precision that are trademarks of American Boardsport's Thruster line of competition wakeboards.

Wakeskates are similar to traditional Wakeboards without the bindings. They are shorter, with a sandpaper-like (grip tape) surface to provide traction and aid the rider in maneuvering and control. Riders wear traditional skateboard shoes or ride barefoot while being towed behind a boat. All types of riders are drawn to this sport because of its high-speed action and similarity to skateboarding and snowboarding.

"Wakeskating is one of the fastest growing watersports in North America," said Thomas N. Carter, chairman of ABCI Holdings/American Boardsports. "The new Kampus Wakeskate brand is designed to be a crossover product targeting the skateboard, snowboard and related boardsports markets. Our Kampus Wakeskates incorporate the technical features and performance of skateboards with the excitement of wake riding, all at an affordable price."

American Boardsports will manufacture the new Kampus-brand Wakeskates in Southern California and distribute them worldwide through their 7Distribution division.

About ABCI Holdings/American Boardsports Co.

Founded in 1993, ABCI Holdings Inc./American Boardsports Co. is a vertically integrated sporting goods manufacturer that designs and produces branded consumer products for the rapidly growing action or extreme sports sector. Products include snowboards, wakeboards, and skateboards along with related accessories and apparel. ABCI utilizes manufacturing facilities worldwide and is known for innovation and technology in action sports products. ABCI's brand names include "Thruster(TM)" wakeboards, "REVelation(TM)" "Rev(TM)" snowboards, "Human(TM)" skateboards, "Republic(TM)" skateboards, "Competition Brand(TM)," "Freedom Grove(TM)," "Kampus Wakeskates" and "Realf8th."

The company has marketed and developed its brands nearly 10 years and now plans an aggressive sales and acquisition strategy to build market share. The action sports lifestyle appeals to the generation "X", "Y" and "I" consumers, which are demographic groups between the ages of eight to 35. More information is available at the company Web site

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