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Eight National Titles Claimed, 12 More Up For Grabs
Press Release
Date: 07-10-2009

Oklahoma City, Okla. - The United States' top amateur wake athletes returned to the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City, Okla. today for the second day of action at the 2009 Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships, presented by ROCKSTAR.

The WWA Nationals is a five-day event featuring pro and amateur wakeboarders and wakeskaters, competing for U.S. national titles in 20 different divisions, separated by age and skill level.

Day two of the Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships, presented by ROCKSTAR featured final rounds for eight of the divisions, crowning a new U.S. national champ for each one.

In the Girls division, Taylor McCullough of Centralia, IL captured her second consecutive national title. Allison Blaha from Vista, CA took first place in the Masters Women division; as did Kentucky native Erica Dumeyer in the Amateur Women's division.

Matt Hayden of Spotsylvania, VA and Hanh Williams from Santa Clara, CA took first place in the Amateur Wakeskate and Women's Wakeskate division, respectively.

In the Masters division, Billy Garcia of Austin, TX took the top spot in the finals, while Ohio native Matt Vermillion captured the title in the Veterans division. Leif Lacey of Oxford, MS claimed the national title in the Men's I division.

As those eight divisions wrapped-up, six other divisions hit the water today for their opening rounds, including the Jr. Pro Men's division for their quarterfinals. Among those who advanced past the quarterfinals today was Steel Lafferty of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, who posted a perfect score of 100-points for his run today.

The WWA Nationals continue tomorrow, Friday, July 10 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event runs through Sunday, July 12.

In addition to all the action on the water, on land, spectators will enjoy great food and music; athlete autograph signings; chances to win freebies; and shopping at the most cutting-edge stores for water-sports equipment including boats, wakeboards, wakeskates, sunglasses and the latest in wakeboarding and surfing fashions.

Tickets can be purchased at the gate on event dates for $10 (general admission), $5 (ages 6-12) or free (ages 5 and under).

For daily schedules, results, standings, photos, videos, athlete bios and more, please visit

The Nationals is a World Wakeboard Association (WWA) sanctioned event. The World Wakeboard Association is a rider formed organization dedicated to growing and promoting wake sports worldwide. It is the leading source for riders, organizers, and competitive standards.

The Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships, presented by ROCKSTAR is organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Fla. The WWA Nationals have the support of the following sponsors: Correct Craft, Rockstar Energy Drink, Fox, the U.S. Air Force, Hyperlite, CWB, Ronix, Liquid Force, Gator Boards, Oakley, Ride the Wake, FUEL TV and

The Air Nautique by Correct Craft is the exclusive tow boat of the WWA Nationals. Celebrating 84 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft Inc. is the producer of the Nautique line of boats. The manufacturer of Nautique is known for delivering superior quality product, cutting-edge technology and exceptional service experiences.

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King of Wake

Viewed as the world's elite pro wakeboarding circuit, the King of Wake series has attracted the sport's top athletes from throughout the globe. With more than $300,000 in prize money over the eight-event season, athletes compete during the course of the year to be named the "King of Wake" - an award based on points accumulated at each stop of the series. Events include the Wake Games, the WWA Wakeboard National Championships, the WWA Wakeboard World Championships and all five stops on the Pro Wakeboard Tour. The King of Wake is organized by World Sports & Marketing - the leading wake events producer since 1988.

Alli, the Alliance of Action Sports

Alli, the Alliance of Action Sports, is a global business that encompasses national and international action sports tours and events, multimedia production, and a consumer facing lifestyle brand. The Alliance includes: the Dew Tour, Winter Dew Tour, China Invitational, Maloof Money Cup, AMA Motocross Championship, King of Wake series, and the Free Flow Tour; Alli Productions, which creates original content, produces and presents content with partners, and distributes Alli content through a variety of channels. Alli is owned by NBC Sports and MTV Networks and represents a network of athletes, fans, brands and properties. Its mission is to facilitate the momentous growth of action sports, through competition and lifestyle, for a new generation of fans and athletes. The Alli properties are home to more than 550,000 spectators each year and broadcasts more than 150 hours of original content in 100 countries and 280 million homes worldwide. More information can be found at


Amateur Women - Final #1

1. Erica Dumeyer 87.00

2. Ashley Gwartney 79.00

Girls - Final #1

1. Taylor McCullough 64.00

2. Rachel Orgill 48.11

3. Charmane Lally 40.89

4. Delanie Parker 31.89

Masters Women - Final #1

1. Allison Blaha 63.00

2. Elizabeth Freeman 52.56

3. Kat Laird 51.44

4. Geri Robertson 51.22

Amateur Wakeskate - Final #1

1. Matt Haydon 73.33

2. Michael Roeder 63.33

3. Jim Branton 45.00

4. Clayton Stich 40.00

Women Wakeskate - Final #1

1. Hanh Williams 60.00

2. Jen GilanFarr 46.67

3. Bethany Henderson 37.00

4. Brittany Fletcher 31.67

Masters - Final #1

1. Billy Garcia 74.22

2. Mike Vanpatten 65.00

3. Christopher Full 63.78

4. Brent Anderson 47.22

5. Steve Jones 36.67

6. Jeremy Baker 28.44

Veterans - Final #1

1. Matt Vermillion 56.67

2. Tommy Fambrough 46.67

3. Michael Fay 36.67

4. Sammy Roberts 26.67

Mens I - Final #1

1. Leif Lacey 48.89

2. Lewis Link 47.22

3. Hunter Hanson 46.67

4. Travis Cook 42.22

5. Brad Spencer 40.56

6. Lucas Harold 34.44

Jr. Boys Beginner - Semifinal #1

1. Kade Kasey 54.44

2. Benjamin Brown 49.33

3. Helden Hein 39.67

4. Parker Watts 32.33

Jr. Boys Beginner - Semifinal #2

1. Jack Dorrestijn 60.67

2. Hunter Henderson 51.67

3. Mat Doke 45.00

4. Jaden Reichl 40.33

Jr. Boys - Semifinal #1

1. Mitch Kappler 56.67

2. Ian Rabon 43.33

3. Nicholas Brown 30.00

Mens II - Semifinal #1

1. Jeramie Vaine 58.33

2. Matt Tucker 43.33

3. Jon Klein NS

Mens II - Semifinal #2

1. Dustin Swafford 66.67

2. Kyle Green 52.78

3. Jesse Dunbar 44.44

4. Brad Gearhart 33.33

Mens II - Semifinal #3

1. Brian White 55.00

2. Eric Deegan 48.89

3. Nick Link 33.33

4. Mitch Bergsma NS

Pro Veterans - Semifinal #1

1. Chad Reese 50.56

2. Ricky Gonzales 43.33

Jr. Men - Semifinal #1

1. Danny Faulkner 55.00

2. Keenan Allan 50.00

3. Nick Vaccari 47.78

4. Jackie Sly 32.22

Jr. Men - Semifinal #2

1. Cody Prizer 50.00

2. Brandon Canney 34.44

3. Morgan Pederson 21.11

4. Matt McCaleb 20.00

5. Jordan Gensler 06.78

Jr. Men - Semifinal #3

1. Clay Fraley 56.11

2. Will Green 46.11

3. Justin Payton 45.56

4. Jesse Chesnut 28.35

5. Daniel Pate 13.35

Jr. Pro Men - Quarterfinal #1

1. Kyle Evans 91.50

2. Danny Burnstein 88.00

3. Taylor Kress 86.50

4. Hunter Stich 54.75

Jr. Pro Men - Quarterfinal #2

1. Phillip Aslinger 94.50

2. Daniel Powers 86.25

3. Michael Dowdy 83.00

4. Alex Graydon 65.75

Jr. Pro Men - Quarterfinal #3

1. Steel Lafferty 100.00

2. Freddie Wayne 85.50

3. Johnny Tobaben 83.00

4. JB O'Neill 71.50

Jr. Pro Men - Quarterfinal #4

1. Joshua Twelker 96.00

2. Pierce Homsey 90.50

3. Steven Cahail 78.50

4. Brian Waskevich 76.00

Jr. Pro Men - Quarterfinal #5

1. Jacob Valdez 95.75

2. Julian Cohen 88.75

3. Gunnar Shuler 82.75

4. Connor Bitton 72.75

Jr. Pro Men - Quarterfinal #6

1. Bob Soven 97.25

2. Nick Galotifore 88.75

3. John Jeffries 86.00

4. Kelton Collins 77.00

5. Erik Nikstad 71.00

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