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Lack Of Funbox Leaves Some Riders Hanging
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Date: 06-22-2009

Pleasant Prairie, Wis. - Thanks to severe storms that tore through Pleasant Prairie overnight, the riders of the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour arrived at Prairie Springs Park this morning to find that they would be competing without a Pro Tour staple, the MasterCraft Funbox.

The funbox, or transfer box, traditionally sits at the center of the course and is essentially a must-hit apparatus in order to receive a high score toward rail-based tricks. But with the funbox temporarily out of commission, riders had to change up their runs and rely heavily on their wake-based tricks.

For riders with a big and floaty style, the primarily wake-based contest today proved to be beneficial, but for the rail riders, today was just not their day.

"[Today] threw a lot guys off with the funbox not being there, but that's life for you," said rail master Shane Bonifay. "The funbox influences your run, for sure, and riders sometimes make up for their wake tricks on the rails, so yeah, some of us feel like we were left hanging out there today."

While Bonifay and several other rail notables didn't make the cut today, 20 other riders advanced onto tomorrow's Pro Men quarterfinals. Among the quarterfinalists is Dean Smith, who posted the high score of the day with an 85. The Pro Men are the first off the dock tomorrow morning.

The Jr. Pro Men hit the water today for their quarterfinals, where 20 amateur rippers competed in five heats of four, with only the top two riders in each heat advancing onto tomorrow's semifinals. Among the ten semifinalists are Bob Soven and Aussie Mitch Langfield, who each posted a 68.89 - the highest score of the day - to win their respective heat.

Soven, who currently leads the Jr. Pro Men's standings, will look to capture his second consecutive win of the season tomorrow, after claiming the top spot at the Tour's first stop of the year in Fort Worth, Tex.

The event runs tomorrow, Sunday, June 21 from 9:30am - 3:30pm.

Following Pleasant Prairie the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour heads to Knoxville, Tenn., June 27 & 28 for the third stop of the Pro Tour. Additional venues for the 2009 Pro Tour, includes Fort Worth, Tex., Elizabethtown, Ky. and Sparks/Reno, Nev.

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Saturday, June 20 - Day Two Results:

Pro Men - Pre-Qualifiers Heat #1

1 Trevor Hansen USA 76.67

2 Austin Hair USA 70.00

3 Shane Bonifay USA 67.22

4 Brad Smeele NZL 56.67

5 Scott Stewart USA 45.56

6 Mike Maynard CDN 25.00

Pro Men - Pre-Qualifiers Heat #2

1 Dean Smith AUS 85.00

2 Rusty Malinoski CDN 76.67

3 Chad Sharpe CDN 75.00

4 Jason Bannatyne CDN 48.89

5 Dylan Rivait USA 30.00

6 Paul Hernaez FRA 22.22

Pro Men - Pre-Qualifiers Heat #3

1 Shawn Watson USA 66.67

2 Nick Davies ENG 54.89

3 Danny Harf USA 50.56

4 Tony Carroll USA 48.89

5 AJ Racinelli USA 38.89

6 Jefferson Langley USA 28.33

Pro Men - Pre-Qualifiers Heat #4

1 JD Webb USA 59.22

2 Chris Dykmans USA 48.33

3 Kyle Alberts USA 44.00

4 Josh Palma USA 43.22

5 John Rodriguez USA 33.89

6 Keith Holley USA 24.89

Pro Men - Pre-Qualifiers Heat #5

1 Adam Errington USA 76.67

2 Bryan Hutton USA 67.78

3 Sam Thomson AUS 61.78

4 Nick Jones USA 51.22

5 Zane Schwenk USA 48.22

6 Eric Deegan USA 45.56

Pro Men - Pre-Qualifiers Heat #6

1 Phillip Soven USA 73.33

2 Jeff House USA 64.00

3 Troy Mackey AUS 53.33

4 Danny Thollander USA 48.89

5 Robby Carter USA 45.33

6 Victor Sanchez USA 30.00

Pro Men - Pre-Qualifiers Heat #7

1 Kyle Rattray CAN 60.00

2 Olivier Derome CAN 53.33

3 Ryan King USA 45.00

4 Dylan Miller CAN 40.67

5 Ricky Gonzales USA 33.33

6 Anthony Hollick USA 23.33

Pro Men - Pre-Qualifiers Heat #8

1 Andrew Adkison USA 73.33

2 Jimmy LaRiche USA 64.00

3 Alex Hamrick USA 48.67

4 Dustin O'Ferrall CAN 41.67

5 Nick Weinacker USA 33.33

Pro Men - Pre-Qualifiers Heat #9

1 Aaron Rathy CAN 66.67

2 Jeff Weatherall NZL 57.89

3 Joey Bradley USA 47.00

4 Kirby Liesmann USA 41.78

5 James Hindes USA 38.78

Pro Men - Pre-Qualifiers Heat #10

1 Harley Clifford AUS 70.56

2 Corey Bradley USA 68.33

3 Keith Lidberg USA 61.11

4 Derek Grasman USA 40.00

5 Alex Brown USA 31.67

Jr. Pro Men - Quarterfinals Heat #1

1 Mitch Langfield AUS 68.89

2 Daniel Powers USA 50.00

3 Pierce Homsey USA 49.44

4 Hunter Stich USA 36.11

Jr. Pro Men - Quarterfinals Heat #2

1 Steel Lafferty USA 63.89

2 Johnny Tobaben USA 53.33

3 Danny Burnstein USA 48.33

4 Daniel Dyck USA 42.78

Jr. Pro Men - Quarterfinals Heat #3

1 Jacob Valdez USA 60.56

2 Nick Galotifore USA 51.11

3 Jarrod Askew AUS 40.56

4 John Jeffries USA 32.22

Jr. Pro Men - Quarterfinals Heat #4

1 Phillip Aslinger USA 56.67

2 Alex Graydon USA 43.33

3 Steven Cahail USA 41.11

4 Stephen Pierce USA 27.22

Jr. Pro Men - Quarterfinals Heat #5

1 Bob Soven USA 68.89

2 Joshua Twelker USA 61.11

3 Taylor Kress USA 48.89

4 Gunnar Shuler USA 35.00

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