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Jobe Launches New Website
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Date: 05-26-2009

Jobe is one of the most lively brands in the scene of the water sports. The last couple of years, you were hardly able to ignore this stylish water sports brand. In the shop, on the internet, at shows and didn't matter where you were looking at, Jobe was there!
Jobe has recently launched a complete new website to confirm this image ( The new website is completely focussed on the Jobe brand. The site propagates exactly the atmosphere around Jobe; fresh and full of style!

Interesting stuff
On the website you can find all the 09 Jobe and Jstar products. Besides this, you will find many information regarding the Jobe team, the Jobe dealers, Jobe downloads and Jobe News as well.

Visit and let yourself be taken by surprise.

Team Jobe!

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