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2002 LF Trip Across America
By Don Wallace

For the third straight season, Liquid Force will be hooking up with the Correct Craft crew to bring the Trip Across America RV to dealers and lakes around the US and Canada. Correct Craft will continue to provide the RV with their line of Nautiques performance boats.

“This year Larry and the gang at Correct Craft are hooking us up with a Team Edition Super Air. I can’t wait to get my first pull behind that boat. Every one of our team riders that have been behind it has said that it is the sickest thing they’ve ridden behind. Watson and Gregg keep raving about it.” Says Don Wallace, LF Marketing Director and T.A.A. tour coordinator. “To have the opportunity to work with the Correct Craft for the 3rd straight season is unbelievable. I love being able to bring their boats to the lakes for people to ride behind. People get in them and love them. Having the best boats in the world makes our demos so enjoyable for everybody involved. It definitely makes my job easier.”

Rip Curl has also teamed up with the Trip Across America for this upcoming season. Rip Curl becomes the official wetsuit, vest, and clothing sponsor for the demo tour for the second straight season. “Working with Damea and James and everybody at Rip Curl has been really fun this year. Not only have they stepped up their support of the sport in a huge way, they've given us more support than we could have ever imagined.” States Wallace, “Not only have they supported our RV demo for 2 seasons now, they’ve also supported several of our key riders, such as Necrason, Marquardt, Kovacich, and JD Webb. I’ve always loved and used Rip Curl’s stuff, but I look for it to only get better with the steps they’ve taken to become as big a force as they are in surfing, in wakeboarding.”

Look for more sponsors to be announced soon.

The complete schedule of Trip Across America events will be posted on and by late March.

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