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New Pay It Forward Contest From Hyperlite
Press Release
Date: 04-25-2009

Shaun is confident that the participants in his Pay it Forward promotion are going the love his new deck so much, he's willing to travel to one lucky winners home lake and ride with them for the day. Imagine this, you sign up for Pay it Forward on, you get a 2009 Murray Pro Model to test ride for a few days, you fall in love with it, you visit your local board shop and buy one and then you win the grand prize of Shaun Murray dropping his best tricks behind your boat in front of your buddies. Pretty Cool huh?

Simply sign up for Pay it Forward and you'll be entered whether you receive the board or not. For 2009 Shaun has asked we send out 3 of each size, so chances are you'll get a shot at riding his awesome board and Paying it Forward to the next rider. For more about Shaun, his board and what's going on in his world check out!

-Disclaimer: Wakeboard specific boat required for best tricks.

Contest Details

Simply Sign Up on for your region and size board.

Winners will be announced in September 2009

Grand Prize Winner will welcome Shaun with open arms, trip to happen no later than August 2010.

Grand Prize Shaun is coming to your house to ride with you and your crew!

1st Prize Autographed Murray Pro Model!

2nd Prize One of the PIF boards that has traveled the nation!

3rd Prize 1 Pair of Murray Boots

4th Prize 1 Murray Handle & A-Line Rope


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