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23-Foot Teacher's Pet Turns Value-Class Wakeboard boat
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Date: 03-28-2009

(Merced, CA) - The 2009 23 vRide wakeboard boat from Malibu got its start as a pro trainer, touring the nation and in some of the country's most elite wakeboard schools. This Malibu boat can school you, your family and your friends without the sting of that private school tuition. The 23 vRide is a large family wakeboard boat with the all performance a water sports family or a crew of pro riders needs.

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The 2009 23 vRide has an impressive resume. This 23-foot by 8.3-foot Malibu has trained pros, toured the country and taught riders on their way up. Veteran Team Malibu rider Gerry Nunn and world champion Darin Shapiro have trained behind this Malibu boat. In fact, Nunn's house was a popular stop for some of the World's best riders when this Malibu 23-footer was at his dock. Nunn has also pulled his 23 cross-country, several times, to teach during the Malibu Just Ride Clinic Series. Shapiro used his 23 to instruct at his wakeboard school, Ride the Spot.

The 23 vRide offers a set of versatile wakeboard tools that you won't find in any other manufacture's boat, let alone a value-class model. The 23 vRide is built on a wakeboard-specific hull that is optimized for water displacement at wakeboard speeds. This amazing tow boat also sports a forward swept collapsible Illusion X tower made of cast aluminum for strength and easy accessorizing. The tower also features a built-in navigation light and Quick Pin release system for easy raising and lowering with accessories attached. The 23 vRide rivals the wake versatility of the industries top wakeboard boats with 400 pounds of tanked sub-floor ballast, filled and drained at the dash. You can add another 500-pound mid-ship ballast tank for more pop. This Malibu wakeboard boat also comes standard with Precision Pro Speed Control that is easily controlled through the in-dash LCD. For even more wake customization, opt for the available Patented Power Wedge. This Malibu-exclusive option increases wake size and adjusts wake shape mid-session.

As much as wakeboard performance, the 23 vRide offers a superior level of comfort and accommodation. The lounge area is layered in three distinct densities of foam and covered in 38 G&T Marine vinyl with Duraguard. The wrap-around lounge welcomes a crowd while the ergonomically angled seat backs make sure everyone is comfortable. The bow offers another fun seating option and oversized cup holders are always within arms reach. During those chilly morning searches for smooth water, when the bow is not an attractive seating option, slide in the walk-through wind block and enjoy shelter from the cold. All of this function is decorated by custom colored upholstery design and perfectly aligned French-stitched seams.

With room for 13, the 23 vRide doesn't leave anyone or anything on the dock. The storage areas of the 23 vRide are well thought out and finished with 38-ounce marine carpeting and interior lighting. Rear locking storage welcomes boards, bags and anything else you want to bring along. The rear hatch door bins are specifically designed to corral smaller items like glasses, soap and ropes that can get lost in Malibu's expansive storage areas. There is also storage located beneath every seat and a 1.5 cubic foot locking glove box with a 12-volt power point and slip-less rubber tray for valuables. This storage includes a 90-quart self-draining ice chest with a removable insulated bag for easy loading and unloading. There's even a special storage bin located above the transmission to make better use of otherwise wasted space. Inspired design is not restricted to luxury models at Malibu Boats.

The 23 vRide offers the driver an experience that is truly Malibu. The dash is hand-wrapped and fitted with a high-contrast LCD screen and 5" digital Medallion gauges framed in chromed billet. Almost all boat systems including Precision Pro Sped Control and ballast levels can be monitored through the in-dash LCD. The rocker switches are framed by a billet piece on either side of the Dino steering wheel. The driver's seat comes standard with automotive-style lumbar, 8-position adjustment and over 180 degrees of rotation. Amenities like these are more reasons why the 23 vRide is redefining entry-level in the water sports industry.

The 23 vRide shares much of the comfort, performance and features of the other models in Malibu's line, but the 2009 Ride has a look all its own. Malibu recognizes the need for boat owners to be distinct on the water and they are addressing that desire with a unique gel coat scheme and graphics on the 2009 Ride Series models. That and the new look is just cool! The main hull color on the 23 vRide is two-tone and sliced vertically right the middle of the boat. Then the main panel color cut-a-way is stamped with "Ride" to prove that you are a serious rider to anyone who doesn't see you going off behind the boat.

The 2009 23 vRide is a rider's dream that doesn't turn to a nightmare when the bill comes. The vRide joins 11 other Malibu models in the 2009 model line-up. Visit your nearest Malibu dealer to experience the Malibu Difference on the water.

Length: 23'/7.01m
Beam: 100"/2.54m
Draft: 27"/0.69m
Capacity: 13 persons
Weight: 3900 lbs./1769k
Fuel: 55 gal./208L
Hull design: V25 Wake

About Malibu Boats: Build the best boat possible, give boat owners the best value and enjoy the workplace. Since Malibu Boats' inception in 1982, founder and CEO, Robert Alkema's mission has been this simple. On the journey from building 100 custom ski boats a year in a small shop, to their standing as the world's number one selling wakeboard and water ski boats, Malibu has become an exemplary American boat company.

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