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Tige Boats Cast In Record Breaking Blockbuster
Press Release
Date: 03-28-2009

Abilene, TX - Tige Boats is proud to be part of film history, with a supporting role in the remake of the classic horror film "Friday the 13th." With a record-breaking $42.2 million in the opening weekend, the slasher film debut not only tops the figures for any of the historic "Friday the 13th" series, but is also the greatest opening horror film of all time.

It is back to the story that started it all, and Tige is excited to be a part of it. Camp Crystal Lake sets the stage for a series of scenes featuring the Tige 24Ve. Only this time, Jason, the hockey masked murderer, and Tige are introducing a new twist on the term "on-water excitement". Several plot impacting situations, and a series of blood-pumping boating events briefly put Tige front and center in the iconic film.

"Tige's presence in this record-breaking film creates a great opportunity for brand awareness and company growth." said Charlie Pigeon, CEO of Tige Boats.

Tige Boats' appearance in the box-office hit is the latest of the inboard boat company's big screen achievements, it just happens to be a record-breaking one!

For more information about Tige and its entire line of inboard boats, visit the award-winning

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