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The LGT - Proline launches the first Ergonomic Leather Grip Wakeboard Handle
Press Release
Date: 12-23-2008

How can the best selling LG Handle get any better? Innovate. The LG grip has proven to be the most comfortable handle on the market for years. Now Proline has fused comfort and function together. The LGT Handle features our new triangular anatomical EVA molded bar that's ergonomically shaped to fit naturally into a clinched fist. The triangular EVA bar increases the total amount of grip surface area, therefore increasing friction, tackiness, and overall hold. The ergonomic shape will also keep your hands and fingers fresh when taking long marathon sets. Correct fit, unmatched comfort, and supreme hold - the Proline LGT Handle.

- Synthetic Leather Grip

- Triangular Anatomically EVA Molded Bar

- 1.135" Diameter

- Optional Pistol Grip

- $69.99 Suggested Selling Price

For more information please check out the LGT Proline Handle.


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