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Running With Scissors on DVD
Cadmium Films latest release "Running With Scissors", featuring wakeboarding's hottest young riders, is now available on DVD with additional bonus features.

Besides being in the higher quality of DVD, the release will have 2 bonus sections, four early video trailers for "Running With Scissors", video trailers from Pointless Productions' "Incomplete", and trailers from Sidewayz latest films "Natural Born Thrillaz and "All or Nothing". "All or Nothing" is the new Hyperlite team video which shows Byerly's wakeskate kickflip.

The "Running With Scissors" DVD will be available immediately from Ally Distribution at 888-692-6273 for $24.95, and in your local board shop soon.

Cadmium Films is also busy with a new film called "BOOMBOX" due out in late spring, and they're working on two instructional videos with Sidewayz.

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