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Derek Conway Signs With EPIC Boats
Press Release
Date: 10-06-2008

San Diego, CA - EPIC Boats is thrilled to announce the addition of Derek Conway to the Epic Family. Derek has been riding for 11 years and currently resides in Granite Bay, CA.

Derek is also sponsored by Ronix Wakeboards, Delta Wakeboard Camp, DWC Boardshop, and

When asked why he decided to ride for Epic, Derek replied "The huge wake. I heard about it, but had to see it for myself."

Derek not only rides because he is passionate about the sport, but he also coaches at the Delta Wakeboard Camp and shares his knowledge of wakeboarding with both beginner and advanced riders.

Heather Callow, EPIC Team Manager, exclaimed "Derek is going to be a huge asset to our team. He is very knowledgeable, dedicated, and positive. We really appreciate everything that he has done to progress the sport and instruct others."

Based in San Diego, CA, EPIC Boats is the creator of the 23V with 4,000 lbs of ballast, "Drop Zone" Wake Enhancing Hull Technology, Resin-Infused All-Composite construction, Dual Rudder "Vector Steer System," 10-Speaker Transom Audio and many other features. EPIC currently has dealers in California, Idaho, Texas, Florida, Utah and Colorado, as well as Australia and Mexico. For more information, please visit

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