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Mastercraft and Moye Team Up
Vonore, TN - Long before MasterCraft introduced the X-Series, Travis Moye was making waves in the watersports world. A 12-time national champion in tricks and overall, a former member of the US Ski Team and a captain of the Collegiate All-American Team, Moye made a name for himself as a skier. But these days Moye is better known in wakeboarding circles as "The dude who drives the X-Star."

Moye is the official towboat driver of the U.S. Pro Wakeboard Tour, the X-Games and the Vans Triple Crown. He has worked with the best athletes and coaches in wakeboarding and water-skiing for over 15 years. Moye has also been coaching at "Ride The Spot" wakeboarding school for the past 5 years and driving pro wakeboard tournaments for the past 3 years. Now he's also a member of the MasterCraft Pro Team. "Travis will be our eyes and ears in the wakeboard world," said Rob May, director of marketing. "He drives more major wakeboard events than anyone else, knows the product and gets feedback from all the elite riders. He's going to be a great addition to our team."

In addition to running the X-Star at major tournaments, Moye will also be involved in X-Series research and development, and use an X-Star at his camp in Orlando, Florida. "I'm excited to be driving and product testing for MasterCraft," said an enthusiastic Moye. "I sit in a boat all day, everyday of my life and I notice a lot of things that other people might not pick up. It's fun to make changes to the boat and know that you had a part in developing the best wakeboarding boats in the world."

This synergy between MasterCraft and Moye will ultimately mean better boats and phatter wakes. Moye will also add yet another dimension to an already diverse group of MasterCraft athletes. "Every one of our Pro Team members fits into a specific niche," said Skip Gilkerson, Hall of Famer and director of skiing. "We've got men and women wakeboarders, slalomers, ski-jumpers, ski flyers, trick skiers, barefooters, wake skaters, coaches, drivers; you name it. We look for someone that is going to represent us well, help MasterCraft owners and loves the product. Travis is a perfect fit."

In fact, joining the MasterCraft Pro Team is a bit of a homecoming for Moye. He was originally a sponsored skier on the MasterCraft National Team at the age of 13. After a tremendous skiing career, he retired from competition and then re-emerged in the sport of wakeboarding. "Travis isn't just a driver, he's one of us," says pro wakeboard veteran, Zane Schwenk. "All the riders respect him as a driver and boarder. You've got to. Every year the events are getting more technical and Travis keeps us from running into walls and crashing into trucks. He'll do anything he can to help us have a better run."

Together MasterCraft and Moye are going to continue to be the driving force of wakeboarding. "I love to drive and ride behind the X-Star," said Moye. "There's nothing like it. It's more nimble than the other boats and has more power out of the hole and in tight turns. The X-Star still drives like a ski boat and retains its normal characteristics under weight."

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