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CWB Diamond Team Expands
Press Release
Date: 06-18-2008

The CWB Diamond Team expanding!!!

CWB Board Co is proud to announce the addition of the veteran, Will Christien to the Diamond Team. Will has been deeply involved with the UK Wakeboard Camp and has been very proactive introducing wakeboarding to thousands of new riders over the years. Whether riding in contests, judging, or being the lead spokeswoman for Rewind at Mastercraft Boats, Will has built a strong name for herself, and we at CWB are very stoked to have her onboard.

Christien will compete in the Mastercraft Pro Wakeboard Tour this season while leading the Wakechix Clinic, which is a "girls only" event that teaches wakeboarding in a relaxed environment for women. Go to for clinic dates!

We have already shot Will in an episode of CWB_TV in May. "Will is going to fit in just fine to a team of complete lunatics. She has a great sense of humor which is necessary to be a member of our program," says Steve Bates, the CWB Team Manager. Make sure to check for new CWB_TV episodes!

Also joining the Diamond Team is Andrea Ensminger. Andrea is from Northern California and has been working events all over the west coast for CWB. When she's not on the water, she's on the mountain. Snowboarding for such brands as 686 and Burton, Andrea brings her style as well as relationships into our world. "She oozes style as well as smiles," says Bates.

Last but not least, we welcome back Erica Burk. Erica spent last season rehabbing a bum knee as well as coaching at Brent Baum's SoCal Wakeboard Camp. "She embarrasses most guys out there. Indy back 180's that float for days. I have the pleasure of riding with Erica quite often and I am always inspired." says Bates. "She embodies all that I want the team to be. Not only can she rip on the water, but one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met."

Both Will and Andrea join the Hoffman sisters on a team of not only great riders but great people.

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