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Results from This Season's First TSR Showdown
Press Release
Date: 06-11-2008

The TSR Showdowns are a highly anticipated series that run all summer long and kicked off with a strong start on Thursday night at the Boat Lake. The high winds would have slowed most riders down but all the participants just rode with the breeze and with ease. The riders in all divisions pulled off some great tricks and their style was unmatched. The pros packed the heat and were given the opportunity to do two double ups which pushed the envelope on some huge tricks. The last set was finished right at sunset and was a perfect way to end the week's competition. Friends and families cheered and showed their support to all the riders tearing it up on the lake. Also the Guitar Hero tournament was a hit and gave people of all ages a chance to rock out and win a highly desired glass trophy. The cable remained open until midnight and the neon glow sticks helped light up the night. A crowd of people also watched intently as the Gator Movie Transgression was shown throughout the complex.

Next week's Showdown is sure to bring some intense competition between all the wakeskaters in honor of the Byerly Toe Game that will be going down on Saturday the 12th. There will be a list of pros, such as Aaron Reed, Danny Hampson and Bret Little, attending and will even be coaching and judging your run. Next week's movie showing will be Byerly Retrospect which is a great flick that has some great footage. Also remember that this week's showdown (June 12th) will be wakeskate ONLY. Regular wakeboard/wakeskate showdowns will resume on the 19th. The series championship is still an open for anyone, so come out and show your skills and you could be the winner of a new Helium Vest.

Beginner wakeboard

1. Michael Wright

2. Jarrett Jones

3. Ian Rabon

Intermediate Wakeboard

1. Reis Lewis

2. Chase Lewis

3. Bradley Wier

Advanced Wakeboard

1. Robert Moore

2. Bubba Cainan

3. Chase Schuster

Open Wakeskate

1. Oury Yarborough

2. Jessie Landry

3. Gabe Lucas

Pro wakeboard

1. Gabe Lucas

2. Tom Fooshee

3. Mitch Bergsma

Guitar Hero Winners

Easy-Anna Mazursky

Medium-ake Bohan

Hard-David Garza

Expert-Mitch Durham

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