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Gas prices are going up and each weekend it is costing more and more for a day on the water. is going to give you a chance to Ride On Us. One lucky winner is going to get a $500 MC/Visa card to use for a day on the lake.......

To Enter:

You are going to have to email a picture of your lake or secret spot. If you want to do a Road trip give me the run down of where you want to go, a picture of the lake and how you will put the $500 to use. It is that simple to enter. Just convince me that you are going to put my $500 to good use.

We want a complete rundown of your day on the water. We want pictures, video or anything else you can give us to let us know what a FREE day on the water is like.

If you are not going to do a write-up and just try and get my $500 bucks (shame on you) DO NOT EVEN ENTER. The fellow'ers will hunt you down.

Email your entries to

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