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Wild Water To Represent Stiffy Tower
Austin, Texas - Wildwater Sports signs agreement with inventor Cory Roeseler of Hood River, Oregon to represent Stiffy Tower, a unique wakeboard tower extension kit designed to give extra lift and hang time to wakeboarding tricks. Wildwater Sports is the first company to sell Stiffy Tower to the commercial market. Stiffy Tower made its official commercial debut at Wakeboard EXPO in Orlando, Florida in September 2001.

“We are extremely excited about representing Stiffy Tower.”, said Paul Robbins, president and CEO of Wildwater Sports, a company representing several lines of unique water sports equipment. “This is a product that appeals to pros and recreational users alike. Stiffy Tower makes it easy to get maximum elevation and balance to perform extreme tricks no matter what your experience level”.

“People want to go big with less effort.”, said Cory Roeseler, Stiffy Tower co-inventor and engineer. “They want to learn new moves safely. Riding behind the Stiffy Tower gives you the same lifting sensation as with a cable tow or kite”
Roeseler, a co-inventor of the modern Kiteboard, began work on the Stiffy Tower nearly two years ago in search of a way to get bigger air so he could do the tricks he was used to doing while Kiteboarding. The result is the Stiffy Tower (patent-pending), a 10-foot extension designed to fit most standard wakeboard towers. It elevates the towrope attachment to nearly 20 feet above water for more lift and hang-time. The stabilizer sail uses the headwind to keep the boat level when the rider pulls to one side. More side force applied by the rider gives the stabilizer more bite and more corrective force. This keeps the boat safe, level and on course. The rider feels the benefits of the high pull point, and the stabilizer keeps the boat from tipping.
Stiffy Tower is an ideal training device for learning tricks. It reduces stress on the rider and facilitates faster learning. Test riders give Stiffy Tower high marks for Raley tricks. Riders like extra lift and forgiving butter landings. Wildwater Sports considers Stiffy Tower a must for any wakeboard school.

According to Robbins, “products like Stiffy Tower and RAVE Sports’ portable sliders, another innovative wakeboarding product recently introduced to the market, are helping to make the sport of extreme wakeboarding more accessible to the mainstream water sports enthusiast. For about $1,500 MSRP, anyone can experience the thrill of really going big.” The Stiffy Tower and the RAVE Rainbow Sliders are available to the commercial market through Wildwater Sports.

Headquartered in Austin, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Wildwater Sports is a sales company that represents innovative and unique water sports and outdoor/leisure equipment products in the continental US. Wildwater is committed to providing high quality water sports products to the water ski, wakeboard, camp and resort markets. The company also sells the full RAVE product line to dealers in the Southwestern US. For more information please visit: or call Wildwater Sports at 512.345.2111.

Hood Technology Corporation, an aerospace firm in Hood River, Oregon, built the first fleet of prototype Stiffy Towers. The prototypes were then tested by all levels of riders behind different boats and base towers for critical feedback and design improvements. Hood Technology is licensing the improved Stiffy Tower technology to a well-established, quality tower manufacturer for the 2002 production models, which will begin delivery in March. For more information please visit:

Stiffy Tower

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