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Date: 05-06-2008
Press Release #2

A few weeks back we sent out a press release that stated some of our vital statistics such as:

-Business name = Company (Wakeboards)
-Legal business name = Company Wake Inc.
-Launch date = September 12, 2008 / Surf Expo
-Website =
-Brand category = Hard goods, for now
-Company headquarters = Utah
-Company MFG Facility = U.S.A.

Today, we are pleased to announce the next weave of official information to come from the Company Wake headquarters, right here in Utah...The announcement of our official blog/information site,

The Company blog will be a place for all to see what we are going through over here as we develop and prepare for our brand's launch this coming September, 2008. It's basically just a simple and easy way to help satisfy the need to be informed on the Company's progress...and that's about it!

See you there!!

Co. Crew

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