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2008 Air Nautique Wake Games Kicks Off with Qualifiers
Press Release
Date: 04-25-2008

2008 Air Nautique Wake Games Kicks Off with Qualifiers: Orlando's Dallas Friday Returns to Hometown Waters Looking Strong

ORLANDO, Fla. - The 2008 Air Nautique Wake Games kicked off today at the Orlando Watersports Complex in Orlando with five divisions going for broke in semifinal, quarterfinal and qualifying rounds. Riders not only looked to advance in their respective division, but to also try and earn a spot on one of the 10 Air Nautique Wake Games teams.

The Pro Men's Division highlighted the opening day with qualifiers, where 50 riders took to the water to see who would advance to the quarterfinals and earn on spot on one of the 10 teams. Shawn Watson owned the water today, leading his heat and posting the highest score of the day with 97.50. The two-time wakeboard national champion advances onto the quarterfinals along with 19 other riders from today's qualifiers.

After missing last year's Wake Games due to injury, Orlando's own Dallas Friday made a triumphant return on her hometown waters today, as she led the opening round of the Pro Women's Division. Friday posted the highest score in her division today with a 73.33. She will advance along with seven other riders to the semifinals, set to take place on Saturday, April 26.

The Pro Wakeskate Division took to the water today for their opening rounds as well. All eyes were on current wakeskate world champion Reed Hansen and 2007 Wake Games winner Brian Grubb, to see who would lead the opening rounds. But it was Stuart Shinn who posted the highest score of the day with a 78.33. Shinn, Grubb and Hansen all advanced and will meet on Saturday, April 26 along with seven other shredders for the Pro Wakeskate semifinals.

Pro Women's Wakeskate and Amateur Wakeskate took to the water today for their semifinals. Stephanie Wamsley (Orlando, FL) and Joe Phillips (Ocean City, MD) led their respective divisions. Both rippers will advance to their finals, set for Saturday, April 26.

Tomorrow, 10 amateur divisions will take to the water to begin their portion of the contest. Following tomorrow's runs, the 10 team captains will host a draft to build a team for the rest of the competition. The team with highest overall score takes home the team title and the cash prize.

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Thursday, April 24 Results:

Men's Professional
Qualifying Heat #:01

1 Santori, Tino USA 94.00
2 Mackey, Troy 80.00

3 Stumborg, Braden 78.00
4 Jacques, Rob 63.50
5. Rattray, Kyle CAN 56.00
6. Jone, Ryan 49.00

Men's Professional
Qualifying Heat #:02

1 Thollander, Danny USA 90.50
2 O'Shea, Chris AUS 86.50

3 Nott, Dan 85.00
4 Reeder, Brian 63.50
5. Scott, Stewart 52.00
6. Sichel, Robert 50.50

Men's Professional
Qualifying Heat #:03

1 Smeele, Bradley 84.50
2 Marsh, Mike USA 82.50

3 King, Ryan 82.00
4 Davies, Nick 75.50
5. Derome, Olivier CAN 69.00
6. Schwenk, Zane USA 49.50

Men's Professional
Qualifying Heat #:04

1 Harris, Randall USA 89.00
2 Smith, Dean AUS 82.00

3 Carne, Sam 77.00
4 Greenwood, Ben 70.50
5. Whitt, Nick CAN 69.50
6. Miller, Dylan USA NS

Men's Professional
Qualifying Heat #:05

1 Hair, Austin USA 87.00
2 Andrews, Chase USA 87.00

3 Palma, Josh 85.50
4 Leismann, Kirby 80.50
5. Young, James 33.00
6. Whatley, Rhett USA NS

Men's Professional
Qualifying Heat #:06

1 Hutton, Bryan USA 92.00
2 Carter, Robby USA 83.20

3 Hollick, Anthony 74.00
4 Mckee, Jeff 67.50
5. Chabator, Josh 62.50
6. Hindes, James 48.00

Men's Professional
Qualifying Heat #:07

1 Sanders, Josh AUS 94.50
2 Bonifay, Shane USA 87.50

3 Racinelli, AJ USA 84.00
4 Bradley, Corey USA 49.50
5. Lowe, Hamish NS

Men's Professional
Qualifying Heat #:08

1 Rathy, Aaron CAN 89.00
2 Wensink, Adam 78.50

3 Hammrick, Alex 67.00
4 Brown, Alex 57.50

Men's Professional
Qualifying Heat #:09

1 Weatherall, Jeff NZ 91.50
2 Ruck, Erik USA 91.00

3 Alberts, Kyle 67.00
4 Scagliotti, Alex USA 62.50
5 Fletcher, Clay NS

Men's Professional

Qualifying Heat #:10
1 Watson, Shawn USA 97.50
2 O’Ferrall, Dustin 77.50

3 Weinacker, Nick USA 74.50
4 Reed, Addison 60.50
5 Burwell, Adam NS

Women's Professional
Quarter Finals Heat #:01

1 Friday, Dallas USA 73.33
2 Wing, Amber AUS 58.33
3 Butler, Nicola UK 56.67
4 Marquardt, Melissa USA 36.67

Women's Professional
Quarter Finals Heat #: 02

1 Lohrmann, Laura USA 54.44
2 Perlman, Barrett USA 53.89
3 Copeland Durham, Emily USA 49.22
4 Leugner, Ashley CAN 38.89

5 Williams, Cathy USA 27.78

Professional Wakeskate
Quarter Finals Heat #:01

1 Shinn, Stuart USA 78.33
2 Reed, Aaron 71.00

3 Humpsch, Dieter 50.00
4 Campbell, Steven USA 40.67

Professional Wakeskate
Quarter Finals Heat #:02

1 Hampson, Danny Con 76.67
2 Gibbons, Gib USA 50.00

3 McGuckin, Drew USA 13.67

Professional Wakeskate
Quarter Finals Heat #: 03

1 Tompkins, Clint USA 68.33
2 Thomas, Brandon USA 55.00

3 Rivet, Cody USA 30.00

Professional Wakeskate
Quarter Finals Heat #:04

1 Hansen, Reed USA 75.00
2 Pastura, Andrew USA 45.00

3 Fortenberry, Andrew USA 35.33

Professional Wakeskate
Quarter Finals Heat #:05

1 Grubb, Brian USA 66.67
2 Dosta, Enric SPN 36.67

3 Becqueriaux, Luis SPN 29.33

Women Wakeskate
Semi Finals Heat #:01

1 Wamsley, Stephanie USA 70.67
2 Henderson, Bethany USA 63.33
3 GilanFarr, Jennifer USA 53.33
4 Jaquess, Renee USA 35.67

5 Talansky, Elizabeth USA 30.00

Amateur Wakeskate
Semi Finals Heat #:01

1 Phillips, Joe 76.67
2 Mulvaney, Patrick 31.00


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