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A group of Malibu Boat owners, led by Jason Craveiro, have collaborated to create

(Merced, CA ) - A 10-year veteran of the water sports lifestyle, Jason Craveiro has respected Malibu Boats and the image they practice since the beginning. His infatuation with Malibu performance and quality was the driving force behind a Malibu Response purchase in 1998. Then in mid-2001 he stumbled upon an idea to create a Malibu owners' web site. With this revelation began to materialize and now, only months later, the web site is a reality.

When asked about his attraction to Malibu Craveiro gets right to the point. "One of the reasons that I was first drawn to the company was the resolve to continue advancing their product as well as the industry as a whole." Craveiro elaborates. "Lots of companies arrive at the top of their market and decide that their current product, along with their nameplate, will be enough to keep them among the highest echelon. We all know that's not the way it works. If you're not moving forward, then you're moving backward. Malibu packages their forward thinking in a reliable, advanced and gorgeous product, that is a great value."

The idea for the web site was direct result of Craveiro's passion for his boat and the company that made it, but he would be the first to admit that the web site would not be a reality without the help of other dedicated owners like himself.

"I started with a plan." Craveiro explains. "Then used input from other owners to let the site evolve into a format that we
[Malibu boat owners] felt would be the most beneficial." is chunk of web space that provides Malibu owners with how-to articles, tips, news and a private forum that acts as the communication conduit for owners all over the world. The site has blossomed into a complete resource for current Malibu owners and those contemplating the purchase of a new or used Malibu. Volumes of Malibu owner-specific information allow viewers to learn more about their boats in practical real-world situations and get to know fellow "Maliboaters".

Powered with owner submitted content, is fueled by personal experiences and practiced Malibu owner tips. The level of content quality and current information is directly related to the amount of enthusiasm Malibu owners have for their boats.

"The content on our site, and how often we add new material depends a great deal on what gets submitted from owners." Credits Craveiro. "A large portion of the material available relates to what is on the message boards and by combining that changing medium with the news and how-to articles offers a wide range of content."

The Malibu Boat Owners web site went live January 13, 2002. With daily traffic breaking the 7,000-hit mark in the first week, the site is off too a strong start. Craveiro is still in the process of getting the word out about the new Malibu Owner stomping ground and he is looking for eager Malibu boat owner participants to further the web site's success.

Visit the Malibu Boat Owners web site at:

Send any Malibu content submissions to:

For further information, contact:
Amy L. Mauzy
(209) 383-7469 ext. 348

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