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Malibu Boats is supplementing the Malibu Review with an electronic version of the newsletter, released monthly.

(Merced, CA) - The World's top selling water sports boat manufacturer has implemented a monthly e-newsletter to offer the Malibu Boats faithful an additional Malibu news source delivered right to their e-mail box. Created to compliment the Malibu Review, the company's printed quarterly newsletter, the Malibu Review E-Newsletter picks up where the original publication leaves off.

This e-newsletter compliments the traditional Malibu Review with extended story coverage and live links to Malibu social media. Links to a Malibu YouTube movie, blog entry, Flickr gallery or iTunes Podcast enhance articles in the Malibu Review E-newsletter. And because the e-newsletter is being distributed each month, Malibu is increasing their coverage of time-sensitive topics that otherwise might not make it into the printed piece.

The Malibu Review E-newsletter is distributed via e-mail. The content of this publication includes two feature stories. These articles will focus on everything from product related news, to events, to athletes. The e-newsletter also features a Tips section that will give Malibu boat owners some insight on their boat's operation and maintenance. Many of these tips will be accompanied by video. The e-newsletter also showcases our favorite Malibu video of the month. This month it was Wakeboard Wally II. There is also a section of the e-newsletter dedicated to Malibu People. Here Malibu will publish articles about Malibu employees, dealers, owners and other partners. And finally each e-newsletter issue will have a section for the latest on Malibu events and Malibu Boats merchandise.

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