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MALIBU BOATS PUSHING LIMITS WITH 2008 DVD RELEASE Malibu Boats released their annual DVD
(Merced, CA) - Released at the first boat shows last weekend, Malibu Boats' new DVD, titled Pushing Limits, is already a hit. Pushing Limits is pulling viewers from the aisles with original tunes, amazing water sports footage, detailed Malibu Boats information and an uncut version of the Malibu Pro Team Challenge.

Shot entirely in 16mm film and High Definition formats, Pushing Limits delivers in-your-face Malibu Boats' action mixed in with just the right amount of volume-jacking audio tracks for a complete sensory overload. The music on Pushing Limits includes songs by Powder, The Drills, C.G. Ryche and Automatic Hotel.

Pushing Limits offers even more Malibu Boats related content. This new DVD houses more than two hours of footage. It includes sections on each 2008 Malibu model, Construction, Performance, Power, Interior, Team Malibu, the Power Wedge, the 2007 Malibu Pro Team Challenge and more. The content increase was so extreme Malibu upgraded their DVD format to house the additional water sports fun.

To get a sneak preview of Pushing Limits online visit malibuMEDIA. Here you find the high-powered intro as well as some other cool sections of the new DVD.

If you would like to obtain your own copy of the new Malibu Boats DVD to screen in your home, visit your nearest Malibu Boats authorized dealer or take a trip to your local boat show. To find your nearest dealer, visit Malibu Boats and click on the "Dealer Locator" button. To get a list of 2008 boat shows with a Malibu Boats presence, visit Malibu Boat Event List.

For more information on the making of Pushing Limits visit the links below.
- Malibu Boats on Flickr
- 2008 Pushing the Limits DVD

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