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AST Dew Tour Wakeboard Rail Jam
This past weekend the AST Dew Tour held its final stop in downtown Orlando and featured for the first time a Wakeboard Rail Jam. The Orlando stop of the tour set a record for attendance and proved to be the Dew Tours best event to date. Located in the middle of the interactive festival village was the Mastercraft Rail Jam, put on by Step Up Productions ands it partners. The Mastercraft Rail Jam held practice on Thursday, the Contest on Friday with demos on Saturday and Sunday. Scheduled to compete on Friday were Riders; AST Dew Pool Setup

Shane Bonifay
Shaun Murray
Collin Harrington
Shawn Watson
Brett Eisenhauer
Keith Lidberg
Josh Saunders
Josh Palma
Jeff Weatherall
Jeff House

There were two heats with five riders each. Each rider was allowed three pulls, and the best run counted. The top two riders from each heat advanced to the finals, where the best score won.


In the semifinals we saw Shawn Watson get taken down by Brett Eisenhower and Collin Harrington defeating Shawn Murry to set up our finals between Brett and Collin.

Brett came on strong in the finals in what could be the last contest of his career before he retires. Starting with a full pull on his first run, a Back lip wall ride to front board slide rail transfer and riding away clean. However in dramatic fashion, Collin Harrington sticks his last pull a front side board of the slam wall 270 transfer to the down rail with a 90 out narrowly edging out Brett for the lead.

First place was Collin Harrington taking home $3,000. Second Place Brett Eisenhauer took home 2,000 out of a total $11,000 prize purse. Third Place was Shawn Watson and Josh Palma took best trick off the kicker land gap with a Front side 5.

The AST Dew Tour brought some of the biggest names in the action sporting industry to one venue, and also put Wakeboarding back in the mix.


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