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MARYVILLE, TN (August 31, 2007) - In 2007, Supra entered a long term agreement with the World Wakeboard Association to be the official towboat of their World Championship event. A natural outgrowth of this agreement has been the development of a World's Edition package available on all Supra Launch model boats: Launch 20 (direct drive), Launch 20SSV (v-drive), Launch 21V (v-drive), Launch 22SSV (v-drive), and Launch 24SSV (v-drive).

The World's edition incorporates the following features for each of the models listed above:

- Custom Gelcoat Pattern: Brittany Blue, Black & White
- World's Decal Set
- White Stainless Steel Rubrail
- Custom Black Swivel Board Racks
- Custom Black 4-Speaker Light Bar with LED lights
- Z-5 Cargo Rack
- Tower Mirror Bracket
- 5-Channel Amp (700.5)
- 2-Channel Amp (250.2)
- Subwoofer
- Dual Battery
- 5.7L 340HP ETX CAT engine from Indmar with catalytic converter
- Tandem Trailer - black
- 18" Custom Wheels and Fenders
- 18" Spare Tire
- Aluminum Step Plates
- Illuminated Laser Cut Steps
- LED Trailer Lighting
- Supra Five-Star Protection Plan

The Launch 24SSV World's edition pulled all professional events at the recently completed WWA World Championships other than the pro wake skating events, which were exclusively pulled by the World's Edition of the Launch 22SSV.

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