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Christy Smith signs with Correct Craft
While the Arkansas weather may not have been hospitable, the people from Correct Craft and Stuckey's Extreme Sports were because on Tuesday January 22nd, Christy Smith officially became a Correct Craft Team Rider. was on hand for the festivities and the official signing of the contract which brings with it the privilege of a sponsored 2002 Natique Riders Edition wakeboard boat.

While at the signing party, the team from BoardJive had the chance to shoot some pictures and get a couple of questions in. The first question was, "What color boat are you going to get?". Christy's reply was, "My dad said that I can choose from three colors, red, red or red\". We also asked Christy about how she felt becoming a Correct Craft Team Rider and with all the excitement all she could say was "I'm totally stoked".

Christy will be taking delivery of her new "Red and White" Nautique Riders Edition wakeboard boat around the end of February just as the riding season in Arkansas starts back into full swing.

Prior to signing on with Correct Craft, Christy was a team rider for Malibu. From the conversations with people in the industry, both sides parted on a positive note.

The team at wish Christy Smith and Correct Craft well in the 2002 season.

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