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Calling it the most advanced 21-foot V-drive on the market, Tige' Boats, Inc. unveiled its latest model, the Tige' Z1, at the 2008 Tige' Dealer Meeting September 20 in Dallas, Texas. Tige ZR1l

Drawing upon the styling of the Tige' RZ series, the Z1 features a blend of sharp, edgy lines and smooth contemporary contouring suggesting the influence of high–end Italian automotive design. Measuring 21 feet with a 100" beam, the Z1's balanced floor plan maximizes overall comfort by enhancing passenger distribution throughout the roomy interior and full-feature transom activity center. Interior amenities include deep seating, secure and fully-functional bow seating and abundant, convenient storage throughout. The transom activity center boasts full-size seating, small-item storage and built-in drink holders to serve as a convenient prep area for skiers and riders while doubling as a comfortable entertainment area for passengers.

True to the Tige' legacy, the Z1 delivers outstanding overall performance including an exceptional ride, responsive handling and superior multi-sport wake characteristics. The patented Tige' ConvexV hull with TAPS2 technology allows Z1 drivers to transition from a faint slalom type wake to an ample wakeboarding wake in just seconds. Tige' is the only boat that can deliver outstanding wakeboarding wake characteristics without the use of ballast or drag hardware. For expert riders the Z1 is available with an optional 800-pound advanced factory ballast system.

The Z1 is the latest addition to the Tigé line, which includes eight V-drive and direct-drive models from 20 to 24-feet in length. For more information on the new Tige' Z1 or other Tige' models, visit

Tige ZR1

Length: 21'
Width: 100"
Seating: 10
Fuel: 38 gal

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