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The Byerly Toe Jam - Rail Final Another Climactic Wakeskating Throwdown At The Projects
Glassy conditions helped produce a high level of rail riding, lip moves and flip tricks. The final four consisted of Brian Grubb vs. Ben Horan and Brandon Thomas vs. Nick Taylor. With great runs by all, the scores were close and went in the favor of the younger guns over the Toe Jam veterans.

Horan and Taylor put together amazing runs in the head-to-head final. Horan landed both switch and regular boardslide big spins, as well as a kickflip, varial flip and capped his run with a solid kickflip off the flat rail, a move that wasn't done by anyone else all day.

That was enough to score Horan a first place finish, his first Toe Jam victory ever. After being one of the most talked-about riders of the year, Horan showed his poise in a contest arena and pulled an amazing feat, especially for a rider who was only entered in the contest by a wildcard decision.

"This was one of the best wakeskating days I've had in my life," Horan said. "It's very difficult to win this event. Going against Clint Tompkins was the most difficult time I ever had wakeskating. He's a very, very good wakeskater. Grubby and Nick were also tough to beat."

One of the most important aspects of the Toe Jam is the progression that it facilitates and Horan's perfomance is a perfect example. "The whole Toe Jam is the best thing for wakeskating right now. Scott Byerly is doing a great job with these events. It just brings all aspects of wakeskating together and pushes everybody."

The Byerly Toe Jam would like to thank presenting sponsor O'Neill, plus Sea-Doo, Hyperlite, Reef, Arnette, Air Nautiques and Rockstar. For more info, go to .

To learn more about The Projects, go to .

Check out a few pictures from the event in the photo gallery. Photos

Special thanks to Lazy Moon for the catering.

Rail Jam
Heat 1: Geroge Daniels (2) Vs. James Balzer (1)
Heat 2: Reed Hansen (2) Vs. Aaron Reed (1)
Heat 3: Ben Horan (2) Vs. Nick Taylor (1)
Heat 4: Clint Tompkins (1) Vs. Stuart Shinn(1)
Heat 5: Brett Little (2) Vs. Brandon Thomas (1)
Heat 6: Drew Danielo (1) Vs. Matt Manzari (2)
Heat 7: Brain Grubb (1) Vs. Steven Campbell (2)
Heat 8: Ben KAiser (1) Vs. John Ruark (2)

Heat 1: Cint Tompkins (2) Vs. James Balzer (1)
Heat 2: Drew Danielo (2) Vs. Ben Kaiser (1)
Heat 3: Nick Taylor (2) Vs. Brian Grubb (1)
Heat 4: Aaron Reed (2) Vs. Brandon Thomas (1)

Heat 1: Brian Grubb (1) Vs. James Balzer (2)
Heat 2: Ben Kaiser (1) Vs. Aaron Reed (2)

Heat 1: Ben Kaiser (2) Vs. Brian Grubb (1)

Winch Jam
8 Man 1 Hour Jam Format Final
Steven Campbell
Aaron Reed
Nick Taylor
Ben Horan (3)
Clint Tompkins (1)
James Balzer (3)
Brett Little (2)
Dany Hampson

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