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Tom Fooshee sweeps the Pro Men and Liquid Force Obstacles Only division at the 2007 WWA Wake Park Na
Riders from across the country took to the water at the Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC) in Florida over the weekend to compete for titles in the 2007 WWA Wake Park Nationals. Competitors also battled it out on the Cable to earn points towards the series title, as this contest concluded the 3rd stop of the WWA Wake Park Series presented by Ten-80.

This event also incorporated the Liquid Force Obstacles Only Division where riders threw down their most savory maneuvers in a 10 minute jam-style format and showcased their skills on the rails, kickers and other apparatus that OWC has to offer. Some of the standout moves were Aussie Mitch Langfield's Toe back 7 off the kicker and Keith Lidberg's super stylish TS front board transfer to fakie on Nessy, but in the end it was Tom Fooshee of Texas who was the overall winner incorporating a switch heelside 9 off the kicker during the allotted time.

The competition grew fierce on the water in the Pro Men head to head finals as Tom Fooshee and Mitch Langfield fought for the National Championship title. Langfield stoked the crowd out with his KGB, ollie 180 to switch nose press onto the flat bar with a BS 180 out and a HS backside 5 off the kicker, but it was Fooshee who took the win with his nose grab slim chance, backside 7 and switch HS 7 off the kickers.
Rob Mapp of Florida claimed 3rd with a huge KGB, switch back mobe and massive TS 7 off the kicker while Josh Rice of Texas took a respectable 4th place finish in the Pro Men's division.

OWC local Anna Hajek attempted a heel 7 off the kicker in the Open Women's division and just fell short on the landing but made up for it with some stylish hits on the A-Frame and picnic table giving her a 3rd place finish in that category. Kayla Chojnacki of Florida took 2nd in Open Women while Alizee Brion of France took the 1st place National title with a press on the flat bar and scarecrow off the kicker. Nick Kamper of Florida took the Jr. Men's 1st place title, while Andrew Masi finished in 2nd and Michael Rossi ended up with a 3rd place finish.

One of the most exciting divisions of the day was the Pro Wakeskate category where riders threw down some super tech tricks including Andrew Pastura's back bigspin to back lip; 270 shuv out on the box, as well as, Kyle Hyam's switch 270 to front board; shuv out. Bret Little of Texas put the pressure on early with a back bigspin to back lip; shuv out on the box, kickflip, and shuv to back board onto the flat rail in a line that gave him the victory over other riders. Andrew Pastura and Kyle Hyams finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

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Special thanks to Ten-80, OWC (Orlando Watersports Complex), The Dew Actions Sports Tour, Liquid Force, CWB Wakeboards, Shred Ready Helmets and Freestyle Watches for their support of The 2007 WWA Wake Park Nationals.

WakeBoarding Magazine, published by Bonnier Corporation, is the official magazine of the 2007 WWA Wake Park Series. WakeBoarding is the definitive source on all things wakeboarding, with expert coverage of professional instruction, gear, boats and the latest news.

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The WWA Wake Park Series presented by Ten-80 will conclude November 10th and 11th when the overall champion will be named at the series finals at Ski Rixen in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Don't miss the action as riders will be throwing down their best runs in a continued effort to accumulate points for this cumulative series.

For more in formation on the 2007 WWA Wake Park Series, please contact the World Wakeboard Association at (407) 362-7841 or visit

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