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Created by Tige's in-house design team, the site incorporates enhanced, intuitive navigation that provides visitors with multiple one-click options throughout the site that allow quick access to various site elements, pages and information. Tige' uses video, animation and interactive elements to provide comprehensive consumer information about innovative Tige' technology, superior performance and overall user benefits. Tige' model pages now include video of each boat in addition to a full gallery of still photography.

Tige' continues to lead the industry with its "Build Your Tige'" feature, raising the bar this year with multiple views and enhanced functionality. A new "Tige' Experience" section features profiles, stories and photos about Tige' owners throughout the world. A photo-based timeline documents Tige' innovations, accomplishments and the company's 17-year history. The new site also includes owner comments and input that appears on, the official website of Tige' owners and enthusiasts.

Most important, the new site continues the Tige' tradition of presenting visitors with complete and straight forward information about what clearly differentiates Tige' multi-sport boats from all other inboards and runabouts. Stand-out Tige' innovations like its patented ConvexV hull and TAPS2 technology are presented in a clear, interactive format that is easy to understand and navigate. Potential Tige' customers and enthusiasts will also find useful, easily accessed information about Tige' engineering, electronics, overall functionality and the unique Tige' LifePlus Lifetime Replacement warranty. Visitors to the site can also take a "virtual tour" of the Tige' manufacturing process. The comprehensive video tour takes the visitor through Tige's state-of-the-art inboard manufacturing facility while detailing the process that helps Tige' achieve superior product quality and performance.

Tige' manufactures seven sport V and direct drive inboard models ranging from 20 to 24 feet in length. Tige' has more than 80 dealers in 12 countries. For more information about Tige' and its product line, visit the "Contact Us" page at

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