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Rockstar Wake Jam Finals: Heavy Wake Riding Goes Down At The Hippodrome
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Photos and write up by Rodrigo Donoso.

Some of the best competitive wakeskating to date went down today, while 16 riders battled for the Rockstar Wake Jam title during the Hippodrome at Koppert Lake in Toledo, Washington.

Some amazing runs were witnessed by the Hippodrome’s free-spirited crowd, who have been camping and enjoying the laid-back lifestyle surrounding their favorite event showcasing best pro wakeskaters in the world.

Notable tricks from today's action include:

-Reed Hansen's switch 360
-Stuart Shinn's backside 180, heelside 360 and toeside shove-indy
-Drew Danielo's nosegrab 360
-Steven Cambell's 360 shove / kickflip / frontside flip combo

As the field of 16 were narrowed down to two finalists, fans were treated to a showdown between two of the best wake riders in the history of the sport, Brian Grubb and Nick Taylor.

Taylor would try to match his incredible semis run which included an indy backside 180, switch 360, backside 360, toeside backside 180, Benihana, toeside 360, switch backside 180 and a close attempt at a Benihana backside 180. In the final head-to-head battle, Taylor rode first and put the heat on Grubb with the following moves: stalefish, big switch 180, switch 360 into the flats, backside 360, huge toeside backside 180, heelside 360 and one of the most amazing flats kickflip ever documented, with an incredible pop and catch.

Everyone knew Grubb would respond under pressure, and that he did with a victory run including the following moves: heelside slob 360, toeside shove-indy, heelside backside 180, toeside stalefish, backside 360, toeside indy poke, heelside shove indy, toeside shove-indy rewind and a melon body varial. Grubb was super happy with this victory which capped off a three-peat heading into the final Byerly Toe Jam. "I felt real comfortable behind the Malibu all day and luckily got to ride second in most of my head-to-head matchups. I was glad that I could ride consistent and drop some hammers when it really counted. I can't wait for the main event, it's gonna be on."

Known as the most important event series in the sport of wakeskating, the Byerly Toe Jam is in full swing showcasing the most progressive wakeskaters in the world. For more, go to:

Supporting this leg of the tour is presenting sponsor Rockstar Energy Drink, plus Billabong, Nike 6.0, Malibu Boats and Byerly Boards. Special thanks to Active Water Sports for their help as well.

king of the cans
Brian Grubb reigning supreme as king of the cans, once again...and the wake, of course.



1. Grubb, Brian (USA) 90.00
2. Taylor, Nick (USA) 89.90


Heat #1

1. Grubb, Brian (USA) 80.00
2. Gregory, Chase (USA) 58.33

Heat #2
1. Taylor, Nick (USA) 90.00
2. Shinn, Stuart (USA) 80.00


Heat #1

1. Taylor, Nick (USA) 90.00
2. Shinn, Stuart (USA) 80.00

Heat #2
1. Danielo, Drew (USA) 60.00
2. Manzari, Matt (USA) 50.00

Heat #3
1. Danielo, Drew (USA) 63.33
2. Bowlby, Keaton (USA) 50.00

Heat #4
1. Cambell, Steven (USA) 70.00
2. Daniels, George (USA) 60.00


Heat #1

1. Hansen, Reed (USA) 71.67
2. Kaiser, Ben (USA) 50.00

Heat #2
1. Balzer, James (CAN) 70.00
2. Little, Bret (USA) 40.00

Heat #3
1. Manzari, Matt (USA) 60.00
2. Horan, Ben (USA) 46.67

Heat #4
1. Taylor, Nick (USA) 82.00
2. Thomas, Brandon (USA)46.67

Heat #5
1. Shinn, Stuart (USA) 80.00
2. Thurman, Silas (USA) 40.00

Heat #6
1. Danielo, Drew (USA) 63.33
2. Bowlby, Keaton (USA) 50.00

Heat #7
1. Cambell, Steven (USA) 70.00
2. Daniels, George (USA) 60.00

Heat #8
1. Grubb, Brian (USA) - 80.00
2. Gregory, Chase (USA) - 58.33

Invited to Final Byerly Toe Jam in Orlando:

Previous Toe Jam Champions:

Brian Grubb
Clint Tompkins
Brandon Thomas
Aaron Reed

2007 Stop One Qualifiers:
Reed Hansen
Nick Taylor
George Daniels

Stop Two Qualifiers:
Bret Little
Steven Campbell
Stuart Shinn

Today’s Qualifiers:
Drew Danielo
James Balzer
Matt Manzari

(3 more wildcards to be awarded soon.)

lucky charms
Tricks aren't just for kids; they're for Grubb, too. Wake to wake indy shuv, real proper like.

heads or tails?
Bros trying to make heads or tails of the situation...

Day two's results.
Day one's results.
To view the photos from stop #3 of the Byerly Toe Jam, click here.

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