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Rockstar Wake Jam ­ Day Two: Best Trick Winch Jam Takes Main Stage At The Hippodrome
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The world's best pro wakeskaters battled it out today for "Best Trick" on the Nike 6.0 pool gap, with a double hubba, oversized 4-stair tucked in the woods at the Rockstar Wake Jam / Hippodrome at Koppert Lake in Toledo, Washington.

With two rounds of competition, a progressive format was implemented which allowed a trick from either round to be considered for top honors. By the end of the day, there were several hammers thrown down
including Brian Grubb's shove indy and Ben Horan's front tail slide. But the unanimous decision went to Reed Hansen's varial flip, which he stuck cleanly, leading to an uproar from the lively Hippodrome fan base.

Reed Hansen...he COULD be a ninja...

The winch jam was made possible by Nike 6.0, who was on hand today with their famous Seagle 6.0 cruiser and full team of wakeskaters, including today's second place rider, Ben Horan.

Tomorrow's action will consist of the Malibu Boats Wake Final, with 16 qualifiers competing for the Rockstar Wake Jam title, as well as invites to the main event in September, The Byerly Toe Jam at The Projects in Bithlo, Florida.

Known as the most important event series in the sport of wakeskating, the Byerly Toe Jam is in full swing showcasing the most progressive wakeskaters in the world. For more, go to:

Supporting this leg of the tour is presenting sponsor Rockstar Energy Drink, plus Billabong, Nike 6.0, Malibu Boats and Byerly Boards. Special thanks to Active Water Sports for their help as well.

1. Reed Hansen Varial Flip
2. Ben Horan Frontside Tailslide
3. Brian Grubb Shove-Indy

bored or blunted
Ben Horan getting down...

Brian Grubb focusing on a curious set of stairs in the middle of no where.

caps lock
Bird's eye view of DJ Drop Top, straight droppin'...

Read day one's results here
See the photos from stop #3 of the Byerly Toe Jam here.

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