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Day Two Results From The WWA Wakeboarding Nationals
Day 2 Results

72 Riders Compete on Day Two of the Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships

Kenosha, Wis.
- On the second day of competition at the 2007 Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships, 72 riders took to the waters of Lake Andrea at Prairie Springs Park. For some, today would mark the final round of competition for their division, while others were looking to advance past their opening rounds. Either way, everyone was looking to make a lasting impression at Nationals before advancing to the World Championships to represent the United States.

Several Kenosha area riders claimed podium finishes today during their division finals. Illinois natives Meagan Ethell (Channahon) and Annie Haroldson (Loves Park) both placed in the top-three of their respective divisions. Ethell took second in the Girls division, while Haroldson claimed third in the Amateur Women's division. Also Wisconsin wakeskater, Lance Duffett claimed second-place in the Amateur Wakeskate division. Another Wisconsin rider to make waves today during the final round was Chris Full (La Valle), who captured the top spot in the Masters division. All four will advance to the World Championships in Reno, NV.

The Pro Women's Wakeskate division also concluded today with Stephanie Wamsley (Orlando, FL) capturing the top spot in her division. Fellow Floridian, Ned Johnson (Casselberry, FL) paced the Veteran's division during their final round. Day two ended with the Men's I finals, which was led by A.J. Haynes (Rathdrum, ID).

The Jr. Men's division, featuring 33 riders, the largest division of the day, competed in the quarterfinals with 18 Jr. riders advancing past the opening round. Jimmy LaRiche (Boca Raton, FL) not only led his heat today, but also paced all other riders in his division. Those 18 riders will compete in tomorrow's semifinals.

Men's II division competed in their semifinals today with Zack Luckett (Brandon, MS) leading the division. The final round for Men's II riders will take place tomorrow.

Tomorrow's competition will feature the semifinals for Junior Men and Women, as well as the quarterfinals for the Pro Wakeskate, Boys, and Pro Women's divisions. Men's II finals will also take place tomorrow. Competition will begin at 9:00am.

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The Air Nautique by Correct Craft is the exclusive tow boat of the WWA Nationals. Celebrating more than 80 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a family-owned manufacturer of internationally acclaimed competition-caliber water-ski and wakeboard boats as well as boats for recreational enjoyment. Correct Craft Inc. is known for superior-quality products, cutting-edge technology and innovative hull designs.

The official magazine of the Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championship is WakeBoarding, the premier publication for the sport. The National Championship is sanctioned by the World Wakeboarding Association and has the support of the following sponsors: Rip It Energy Fuel, the U.S. Air Force, Verizon Wireless, Fox, g3, Hyperlite Wakeboards, RGX powered by Right Guard, CWB, Gator Boards, Ronix, Reef, Oakley, Cire,, and

Men's 1 (19-24) - Finals Heat 01

1 A.J Haynes USA 63.22

2 Mitchell Hays USA 56.22

3 A.J Powell USA 52.89

4 Rusty Scott USA 46.22

5 Clint Gee USA 39.78

6 Nick Cankar USA 31.67

Men's 2 (25-29) - Semi Finals Heat 01

1 Zack Luckett USA 57.56

2 Joseph Lemburg USA 48.33

3 Mark Dougherty USA 41.78

Top 3 Riders advance to next round !

Masters (30-39) - Finals Heat 01

1 Chris Full USA 66.67

2 Jeff Barton USA 64.00

3 Billy Garcia USA 55.56

4 Indiana Ben USA 47.89

5 Mike Van Patten USA 37.56

6 Kevin Michael USA 27.22

Veterans - Finals Heat 01

1 Ned Johnson USA 42.22

2 Peter Duncan USA 18.33

3 Jeff Roman USA 10.00

Amateur Wake Skate - Finals Heat 01

1 Gib Gibbons USA 76.67

2 Lance Duffett USA 66.67

3 Collin Gee USA 50.00

4 J. Loken USA 28.33

Pro Women Wakeskate - Finals Heat 01

1 Stephanie Wamsley USA 63.33

2 Megan McNeil USA 45.00

3 Bethany Henderson USA 35.00

4 Jen GilanFarr USA 23.33

Amateur Women - Finals Heat 01

1 Jennifer GilanFarr USA 56.67

2 Ashley Gwartney USA 47.22

3 Annie Haroldson USA 31.67

Girls (13 and under) - Finals Heat 01

1 Raimi Merritt USA 67.78

2 Megan Ethell USA 50.00

3 Tori Koch USA 45.00

4 Taylor McCullough USA 38.89

Men's 1 (19-24) - Semi Finals

Heat 01

1 A.J Powell USA 66.67

2 Nick Cankar USA 47.22

3 Tyler Heinz USA 37.78

4 Jake Loken USA 26.67

Heat 02

1 Mitchell Hays USA 65.67

2 A.J Haynes USA 57.22

3 Tom Pazerunas USA 43.89

4 Lucas Harold USA 32.78

Heat 03

1 Clint Gee USA 56.67

2 Rusty Scott USA 50.11

3 D. Conroy USA 34.44

4 Lance Whitt USA 13.33

Junior Men (14-18) - Quarter Finals

Heat 01

1 Andrew Shearer USA 56.67

2 Christopher Perrone USA 46.67

3 Daniel Perrone USA 33.33

4 C.J Lamkin USA 24.44

Heat 02

1 Kirby Liesmann USA 63.89

2 Jeff Baker USA 56.11

3 Brian Waskevich USA 43.33

4 Jack 'JB' O'Neill USA 31.67

Heat 03

1Steel Lafferty USA 60.00

2 Alex Scagliotti USA 56.33

3 James Feid USA 46.56

4 Jordan Gensler USA 33.78

Heat 04

1 Steven Cahail USA 58.11

2 Eddie Valdez USA 57.78

3 Pierce Homsey USA 40.67

4 Nick Galotifiore USA 30.00

Heat 05

1 Ryan King USA 57.56

2 Ryan Mocerino USA 51.67

3 Gunnar Shuler USA 43.56

4 Troy Ingolia USA 30.00

Heat 06

1 Julian Cohen USA 47.44

2 John Zdeblick USA 39.22

3 Troy Woolf USA 31.11

4 Larry Taylor USA 28.89

Heat 07

1 Jimmy LaRiche USA 66.67

2 Johnny Tobaben USA 32.78

3 David Krause USA 23.33

Heat 08

1 Ryan Anderson USA 60.33

2 Danny Burnstein USA 54.67

3 Joshua Chabator USA 47.22

Heat 09

1 Robert Soven USA 61.33

2 A.J Racinelli USA 57.33

3 Witt Finley USA 18.33

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