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Day One Results From The WWA Wakeboarding National Championships
Ten Kenosha Area Riders Advance Past Opening Rounds of WWA Wakeboard National Championships

Kenosha, Wis.- 56 riders from around the country gathered at Prairie Springs Park today to compete in the opening rounds of the 2007 Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships. However, some riders didn't have to travel far at all to make an impression on the first day of competition. 10 of the 11 events featured in today's competition included Illinois and Wisconsin wakeboarders with 10 of the 15 local riders advancing past the opening rounds.

"It's always fun to compete in front of a home crowd, things just seem more laidback that way," said La Valle, WI resident Chris Full who placed second in his heat today for the Masters division. "I did well today partly because I had my friends and family here cheering for me; it helps to have that kind of support."

Placing second and third respectively, Illinois natives Megan Ethell and Taylor McCullough both advanced past the semifinals for the 13 and under Girls division. Another Illinois native, Annie Haroldson, took third in her heat for the Amateur Women's division. Wisconsin wakeskaters Lance Duffett and Jake Loken both advanced in the Amateur Wakeskate division. Loken also took third in his heat for the Men's I division. Illinois natives Nick Cankar (Men's I), Jeff Roman (Veterans), and Mike Van Patten (Masters) each advanced in their heats as well. The biggest win of the day came from Illinois rider Tom Pazerunas who led his Men's I heat.

Tomorrow's competition will feature the final rounds of competition for the Men's I Amateur Wakeskate, Veterans, Masters, Girls, Pro Women Wakskate, and Amateur Women's divisions. Competition will begin at 9:00am.

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The Air Nautique by Correct Craft is the exclusive tow boat of the WWA Nationals. Celebrating more than 80 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a family-owned manufacturer of internationally acclaimed competition-caliber water-ski and wakeboard boats as well as boats for recreational enjoyment. Correct Craft Inc. is known for superior-quality products, cutting-edge technology and innovative hull designs.

The official magazine of the Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championship is WakeBoarding, the premier publication for the sport. The National Championship is sanctioned by the World Wakeboarding Association and has the support of the following sponsors: Rip It Energy Fuel, the U.S. Air Force, Verizon Wireless, Fox, g3, Hyperlite Wakeboards, RGX powered by Right Guard, CWB, Gator Boards, Ronix, Reef, Oakley, Cire,, and

Girls (13 and under) - Semi Finals

Heat 01

1 Raimi Merritt USA 58.33

2 Megan Ethell USA 48.33

3 Taylor McCullough USA 43.89

4 Tori Koch USA 41.67

5 Anna Hajek USA 35.56

6 Morgan Crescent USA 23.89

7 Kaila Coffey USA 20.56

Amateur Women - Semi Finals

Heat 01

1 Jennifer GilanFarr USA 40.00

2 Ashley Gwartney USA 30.00

3 Annie Haroldson USA 20.00

Amateur Wake Skate - Semi Finals

Heat 01

1 Gib Gibbons USA 56.67

2 Collin Gee USA 50.00

3 Lance Duffett USA 41.67

4 J. Loken USA 31.67

5 Brad Contardi USA 30.00

6 Justin Payton USA 21.67

Pro Women Wakeskate - Semi Finals

Heat 01

1 Bethany Henderson USA 53.33

2 Megan McNeil USA 46.67

3 Jen GilanFarr USA 40.00

4 Stephanie Wamsley USA 33.33

5 Renee Jaquess USA 28.33

6 Jennifer Hettler USA 22.50

7 Stef Tor CDN 16.67

Masters (30-39) - Semi Finals

Heat 01

1 Jeff Barton USA 58.33

2 Chris Full USA 50.56

3 Indiana Ben USA 43.89

4 Matt Brown USA 34.44

5 Brent Anderson USA 26.11

Heat 02

1 Billy Garcia USA 54.44

2 Mike Van Patten USA 51.11

3 Kevin Michael USA 48.33

4 Kenneth Smith USA 31.11

5 Chad Lowe USA 16.67

Veterans - Semi Finals

Heat 01

1 Ned Johnson USA 43.78

2 Peter Duncan USA 33.89

3 Jeff Roman USA 26.67

Men's 1 (19-24) - Quarter Finals

Heat 01

1 Tom Pazerunas USA 47.89

2 Lance Whitt USA 43.67

3 D. Conroy USA 39.56

4 Michael Hanson USA 29.44

5 Jon Klein USA 23.78

Heat 02

1 Tyler Heinz USA 44.89

2 Lucas Harold USA 44.56

3 Jake Loken USA 39.89

4 Corbin Blanton USA 32.44

Finals Heat 03

1 A.J Powell USA 59.44

2 Clint Gee USA 45.44

3 Nick Cankar USA 43.33

4 Luke Romero USA 38.89

5 Thad Nurmi USA 23.33

Heat 04

1 Rusty Scott USA 61.44

2 A.J Haynes USA 59.44

3 Mitchell Hays USA 49.67

4 Austin LeMaster USA 48.33

5 Nolan Hays USA 11.67

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