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Yep, you guessed it...I'm talking about Ryan Anderson. As the Oklahoma phenom makes his way through the Jr. Men PWT ranks, he brings a bag of tricks that resembles the likes of any of the Pointless members. Many of you may be wondering what it is that makes Ryan the rider that he is today...well lucky for you, I had the chance to sit down with him and ask him some questions to figure out that very question.

Chris Clark: "So what's up Ryan, what's been going on the past couple of months?"

Ryan Anderson: "Hey, not much man. Just been getting out to the lake to get ready for the tournament season."

CC: "Nice, so what's it like to be a 17-year old on the Jr. Men PWT?"

RA: "Ha, well...I can't get into any of the bars. Also, it kind of sucks not being able to get into any of the (video) premiers and pre-parties."

CC: "Yeah that could possibly be a little frustrating. So...when you're not teaching at the Oklahoma Wakeboard Camp or riding in a tournament, what do you find yourself doing?"

RA: "Umm...catchin' up on sleep or catchin' a flick with the girlfriend. Also, I love to go out and fish."

CC: "When you ride, what kind of music do you like to listen to?"

RA: "Coheed and Cambria, they always get me amped. David Lee Murphy and Nelly top off the list. Sometimes I like to mix in a little Murphy Lee."

CC: "That's a pretty random group of singers...if you had to pick a favorite rider, who would it be and why?"

RA: "Ha, Chris Clark by far...naw, I would say Reed Hanson, he's fun to watch and has five mobes plus a Whirly-five."

CC: "You consecutively land toe-ole' nines, when are we going to see a ten (1080) out of you?"

RA: "Hopefully by the end of the year. I seem to spin off the deezie (double-up) really well so we'll see."

"Yeah well that nine seems to blow out your ear drum a lot when you fall, do you have any other injuries seem to bother you when you ride?"

RA: "Yeah well my separated shoulder gives me a little trouble. It seems to get sore when I'm doing toe-sevens."

CC: "Are you planning on sticking any new tricks this year?"

RA: "Heel-nine off the five."

CC: "When you're not at the lake, what kind of things do you like to do?"

RA: "Get loafed...ha just kidding. Well to be honest, I'm always at the lake so I'm usually fishing or cutting down things and starting a bonfire."

CC: "Alright one last question, what's your favorite thing that happens at tournaments?"

RA: "Ha, me...walking away with the checks."

CC: "Ha that would be probably my favorite thing too. Alright, well thanks Ryan for talking with me, good luck this year."

RA: "Thanks man. See ya out there."

Anderson definitely seems to be confident in his riding ability but you can't blame him when you win the 2006 PWT Jr. Men Pro stop at Portland, as well as, taking first at the Tige' Pro-Am in Florida Keys about one year ago. With those two big wins under his belt, Anderson managed to finish 3rd in the overall standings for the 2006 PWT Jr. Men's division. The next couple of years could be very exciting for Ryan so keep your eyes and ears open for him on the Pro Wakeboard Tour, before you know it, Ryan Anderson could become a household name.

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