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2007 Onsite Cable Stock Report
In gnarly wakeboard fashion, the Texas Ski Ranch brought the noise with their insane cable and boat lake tournaments. As well, Reef gave the audience a taste of their summer fashion by throwing a bikini contest on the stage in between the two lakes. As always, Coconutz Bar and Grill was jam packed with people buying some tasty treats and drinks. Alright...let's do a little recap of what went down throughout the weekend...

The cable tourney was off the hook. You have the likes of Andrew Adkison, Jeff Weatherall, Tom Fooshee, Jimmy Lariche, Robin Friday and a list that continues to amaze anyone-all competing head-to-head on the same lake. The final day produced some amazing results with Tom Fooshee taking the Pro Men's Cable crown closely followed by Josh Rice taking second and Marc Shuster pulling third. Next, the shredders of the cable wakeskate tourney proved that the sport is on the verge of hitting the big-time. The final heat produced three up and coming wakeskaters that will soon be a house-hold name in the wakeskate industry with John Ruark taking the beloved Wakeskate Cable crown. Not far behind, Bret Little took second and Ben Kiser brought home the third place spot. With all the men's division competors throwin' down, you know the woman wanted to prove their dominance on the water. In the Women' Cable tourney, Heather Johnson walked home with the gold hardware (as well as competing in the Reef Bikini contest). Louise Sawyer and Holland Finley stood next Johnson on the podium coming in second and third place.

The 2007 CableStock boat lake tournament by far proved to be the most outstanding riding in the tournaments history. This is definitely one tourney that you would never want to be the judge of. These are the overall results on all the "compos"...

Pro Boat
1st - Andrew Adkison
2nd - Jeff Weatherall
3rd - Tom Fooshee (yes, that's right...he shredded the gnar on the boat too...)
(Closely behind these three you had the likes of Jimmy Lariche, Gabe Lucas, Ryan Anderson, Mitch Bergsma and Joey Bradley)

Pro Wakeskate Boat
1st - Brandon Thomas
2nd - Aaron Reed
3rd - Ross Gardner
4th - Ben Kiser

Pro Womens Boat
1st - Amber Wing (who also strutted her stuff in the TSR Bikini Contest)
2nd - Holland Finley
3rd - Tina Spalten

Junior Men Boat
1st - Taylor Knight
2nd - Witt Finley
3rd - JB Oneill
4th - Cole Shaver

Structure Only Competition (Cable)

1st - Tom Fooshee 100
2nd - Jimmy Lariche 58.3
3rd - Gabe Lucas 50
4th - Kyle Reed 49.5

The 2007 Texas Ski Ranch CableStock was no disappointment. As the tournament continues to grow more and more every year, spectators continue to show in the masses. If you're into wakeboarding, wakeskating, beautiful weather, margaritas (virgin margaritas for you youngsters out there), laying out on the beach, skating in the amazing skate part....OK I think you get the picture, just make sure you show up to next years CableStock because no matter what you think, it will definitely be one of the best wakeboarding tournaments this side of the universe.

More photos from the event are available in the photo gallery.

Article by Chris Clark - Staff

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