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The Truth for February
In LF Films News...

It just keeps getting better for Justin and the crew. The Truth had already been getting rave reviews from it can add one huge award to the list! The Truth was nominated for 3 awards at the recent X-Dance action sports film fest, and managed to come away victorious with the "Core Video of the Year" award. Brian Deegan presented the award to Justin and Tony Finn in front of a packed house in Park City. The field was stacked, so it was a HUGE accomplishment for the LF Films crew and a big reminder as to why Justin is the best in the biz! For more info on the award show in general, check out For Justin's take on the festivities, and to see what he's been up to lately, check out our newly updated LF Films Blog site...

Now, on to the world of Cable Parks...

Liquid Force has teamed up with a new Cable Park in Cairns, Australia...deemed the Liquid Force Cable Park, the facilities look to be super fun! Our Aussie crew has been working on this for a while now, so it's great to see it up and running. One of our friends from the US, Earl Ball even made a brief stop by this winter to work the facilities. He has worked at KCW for several years and claimed that the park in Cairns was "epic!" If you're ever in Australia, be sure to make your way up to Cairns and check out the Liquid Force Cable Park!

In Cable Park news closer to home, LF has signed on for more years of fun with the two best cable parks in the US, Texas Ski Ranch and Kansas City Watersports. LF will continue to be the exclusive wakeboard and Wakeskate product used at TSR and KCW. LF and TSR are planning several cool events this summer, including a giveaway of a free weekend with the LF pro's at TSR. One lucky winner will get the vacation of a lifetime, as they'll get to hang out and ride TSR with the LF team for an entire weekend. Watson, Shane, Keith, Reed, etc...they'll all be there sessioning the park with one lucky winner. Look for details of this event to pop up on, as well as soon. KCW will also be teaming with LF for some special events this summer. KCW and LF will host their annual LF weekend this upcoming May 12-13. Look for the entire LF team to be there having a good time hanging with the locals. Look for more details to appear shortly on Also... look for new rails from LF to appear at both locations. KCW has already begun construction.

Henshaw claims first cover on WBM...Axis in stores now. Get your Axis Wakeboard.

If you've been to a boat show this winter, chances are you've seen Kevin Henshaw roaming the floor, doing a rail jam demo, or talking to customers about his new pro-model, the Axis, which is finally in stores! The kid has been non stop this winter and is preparing for another breakthrough summer. He has become arguably the best rail rider in the world and is looking to become the best behind the boat, as well. Kevin has started things off right, as he just claimed the cover shot on WakeBoarding Mag's Board Buyers Guide. Nice work Henny! To find out more about his new board, The Axis, go to your local boat show or shop.

Amber Wing claims her first cover shot!

If you're a fan of women's wakeboarding, you're a fan of Amber Wing and what she accomplished this past season. The 720 has vaulted her to the top of the women's market and has given that side of our sport a huge push. As if winning Alliance's "Female Rider of the Year" title in 2006 or winning the 2007 Australian Pro Tour wasn't enough, she is currently the cover girl on the March/April issue of Alliance. Looks like Amber is continuing right along where she left off in 2007. For info on Amber's new board, the Jett wakeboard, check out To find out more about Amber and her upcoming plans, go to

Grab your copy of the LF Magalog before they're gone...

If you haven't picked up a copy of our Magalog yet, you better head to your local shop or attend your local Boat Show. Not just a Catalog, but not just a's a Magalog. We've gone deep in the minds of our team riders, artists, designers, and friends to give an insiders view into the world of Liquid Force. Interviews, articles, photos, product descriptions, even a chance to win Shane's Setup...the 2007 LF Magalog has got it all. For a list of local dealers and where to pick up a Magalog for yourself.

BROstock is returning stronger than ever!

That's right...BROstock is back. If you attended our event at Lake Powell last June, you know a good time was had by all. If you didn't, but read the article in Alliance, you know you missed out. Well...luckily for you, we will bringing it back this year....4 times! That's right...we are planning 4 BROstock's. One in Lake Powell and 3 in other locations around the country...The LF team will be renting houseboats at 4 lakes and heading out for a few days of riding, partying, and more partying! Stay tuned for the exact dates, locations, and other details. These 4 events are bound to be the best events you'll attend this summer, BRO!

That's it for now... We'll be back soon bringing you more of the good stuff we call... THE TRUTH!!!!

Images from the Truth are available here in the Photo Gallery

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