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Supra & Moomba riders offer "tricks of the trade"
Skie's Choice, Inc., manufacturer of Supra and Moomba brand boats, recently enhanced their boat sites to provide instructional assistance to riders of all levels through their pro staff. The most recent update features seven new tricks from former Alliance Magazine rider of the year, Ben Greenwood.

The Trick Room contains videos of several pro-riders busting out fresh moves that are familiar to other riders in the wakeboarding world including the Hoochie Glide and the Mexican Back Roll. "There are over 30 tricks posted on the sites," explained Michael Littman, Skiers Choice marketing director. "Tricks range from beginner to advanced levels, which creates an opportunity for anyone to gain a piece of wakeboarding knowledge." The videos also include tips on how each trick is safely maneuvered and performed with utmost success.

Ben Greenwood's featured moves are praised highly in the sport for their technical merit, yet they are anything but simple. Some of Greenwood's featured tricks on-line include the Indy Heelside Backside 180, the Switch Toeside Mute Off-Axis Frontside 720 and the Toeside Indy Poked Roll to Revert, among the seven featured.

"The Trick Room also makes the videos and tips available to download onto one's iPod," added Littman. "Not only are each of the videos a fast download, but you can take the best riders in the world to the lake with you and let them teach you how to rip. It's almost equivalent to having one's own personal wakeboard coach."

Additional trick room videos are in the works. Stay tuned for slalom tips from team skier Terry Winter, wakeskating techniques from Reed Hansen and wakeboarding moves from Austin Hair.

In addition, there are Supra and Moomba desktop wallpapers available for those wakeboarding fanatics who can't get enough of the sport.

To access these interactive features, please visit or

With its plant and headquarters located in Maryville, Tenn., all Skier's Choice boats are made in America. The company is closely held. For more information, please visit

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