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Free Limited Edition Arnette Sunglass T-Shirt
The story of Arnette sunglasses is the story of a challenge. Created in 1992 in the garage of a Californian surfer whose hobby was designing eyewear. Or was it the other way round? It doesn't matter. What matters is energy, adrenaline and freedom to break the rules. Surfing, skating, wakeboarding, and snowboarding have never been only sports. They are a philosophy. Embraced by young rebels who love challenges, play extreme sports passionately, and train without a break. This is the spirit that created the Arnette Sunglass company.

Arnette Sunglasses has released these limited edition Tees. You can get one with the purchase of a new pair of Arnette Sunglasses. Dealers have a limited number of these shirts available and they will be gone before Christmas.

Get a pair of shades and your shirt while you can.

Arnette Sunglasses

Limited Edition T-shirt

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