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Grubb Skates Onto the Malibu Team
Malibu searches for athletes who are as passionate and innovative in their sport as Malibu is about boat building. Wakeskater Brian Grubb fits this bill perfectly. You can't pick-up a wakeboard magazine without seeing an amazing shot of "Grubby" executing another seemingly impossible trick. This distinctive drive along with Grubb's sparkling disposition convinced Malibu's team recruiter, Lani Farmer, that this young man exemplified the Malibu difference.

"Brian excels in a sport most professional wakeboarders are baffled by, yet he still finds ways to constantly improve his riding," raves Lani Farmer, Malibu Boats Event and Team Director. "Here at Malibu we recognize the unique devotion this type of success requires. We have pushed Malibu Boats to the top of our industry with the same determination."

Three years ago, after a frustrating bout with wakeboarding, Grubb leapt into the world of wakeskating. A year and a half into this new venture he decided there was no other choice but to dedicate himself to wakeskating full time. Now this New Hampshire-born resident of Orlando, Florida, rides everyday with Malibu members Chad Sharpe, Andrew Cairns and occasionally Gerry, Malibu's own "Flying Nunn".

Grubb explains, "My number one goal with wakeskating is just to have fun." Since fun is one of Malibu's main objectives Grubb fits right in. Competitions like the Malibu Just Ride Series center around fun and encourage riding that goes all out. Since this is the way athletes like Grubb ride, Malibu has become the industry's leading water sports event host. Malibu has taken the new set of rules they created for the ski boat industry and applied them to the world of water sports.

"The Malibu contests always have a different feel about them because they are focused more on having a good time than who can ride the best under pressure," Grubb explains. "Everyone that rides in them has a great time and I think the crowd appreciates that as much as we do."

Part of the good time Malibu creates at their events stems from the unique format. The other half of the fun comes from world-class performing boats. The Malibu Wakesetter VLX gives riders what they really want, the versatility and power to put everything on the line for each outrageous move.

When asked about his new Malibu Wakesetter VLX, Grubb enthusiastically spelled it all out. "The Malibu Wakesetter VLX is the best boat for wakeskating because the wake has such a great shape. It is nice and big with no lip on the top and it is really forgiving." He went on to say, "The Wakesetter is an easy boat to drive and doesn't bog down when you are turning for double-ups like other boats do."

Grubb continued to bubble with Malibu praise. "I am so excited to be riding for Malibu this year and riding behind such a great wake everyday. I would like to thank Lani and everyone else at Malibu for getting behind me and getting behind wakeskating as a whole."

Brain Grubb, Wakeskating and Malibu Boats; three kindred spirits ready to execute the Malibu Difference during the 2002 season.

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