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Inland Surfer releases THE WOODYS
BELLEVUE, WA - July 24th, 2006- In the hotrod world, they are called Resto-mods, a cool 60's muscle car with all of the latest engine and suspension technology. At Inland Surfer, we have our own version of this. Introducing the first limited edition wakesurf board series from Inland Surfer. To create the limited edition boards, Inland Surfer has borrowed from the rich tradition of wood surfboards and blended it with cutting-edge wakesurf board design and epoxy board manufacturing. The result is a board you might want to hang on your living room wall when you aren't ripping turns behind your boat.

"Everyone kept asking us to make old-school looking boards. So, we worked with our manufacture and came up with a process to blend real wood sheets into the bottom of the board without sacrificing weight or performance" said Jeff Page, Chief Board Designer, CEO and all-around good guy.

The new "Woodys" can be seen at or at your local board shop. Only 120 of these boards will be made.

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