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Interview with Josh Storrer
by Arun “poonjab” Frances

1. Give us a little input on Josh Storrer. Where do live? How old are you? How long have you been riding?

JS: Right now I am finishing up last year in college down in San Diego, at PLNU. I am studying psychology and hope to attend grad school, so that I might be a high school counselor or psychologist. Unfortunately being at school I don't get to ride much, but that is ok because I surf everyday. I grew up in Discovery Bay. I have lived there for my whole life, twenty one years. I rode for the first time, my freshman year in high school. The old flight 69 was the first wakeboard I rode. I was amazed because it rode so much better than the skurfer. Ever since then I have been riding. Then a couple years ago Double Up started helping me out. It has been fun riding for such a great company.

2. You were part of some of the DU experience's in Discovery Bay, tell us how it was to be able to ride, hangout, and meet new people?

JS: I hung out with the Double Up crew at a couple of DU experiences around Discovery Bay. But I never traveled with them when they did the
experience around the country. Nelson had an awesome idea starting the Experience. It was a great time and opportunity to hang with people riding Double Up wakeboards.

3. What setup are you riding? boat, boards, bindings etc...?

JS: Right now I am riding the 139 pure ride with Nelson bindings, but I like to switch it up and ride 143 Collin. I like the length of the 43 Collin but the snap that the Pure Ride gives me off the wake. I ride behind my V210 Sanger. I love the wake. It has just the most perfect transitions, smooth and round. It is no Super but I like it. It is for sale if anyone is interested. Sorry had to add a little plug.

4. Do you consider yourself more of a freerider?

JS: I guess I would consider myself more of a freerider. I have never ridden in a contest. I love wakeboarding just for the fun of wakeboarding, I haven't been drawn to the competition side of things. I would like to maybe try some double up contests or some other contests with different formats, besides the typical up and down the lake routine. I would have really liked to have gone to Mike Schwenne's contest at Lake McClure, but since the events of Sept. 11 and school, I was unable to make it.

5. Were you pretty stoked to be able to get a section in the Double UP video?

JS: Filiming for the Double Up Experience movie was a lot of fun. We spent a week at Lake Oroville filming, shooting pictures with Josh Letchworth, and messing around on the lake. We had a good time making this movie. We rode from sun up to sun down. I was so sore and tired by the end of the week. The surprising part of the whole experience was the fact that I actually scored a little part in the video. I wasn't even expecting to be in the movie, I was just enjoying riding with the team. So it was a nice surprise to be in the movie with guys who kill it like, Greg Nelson, Collin Wright, and Luke Wulf.

6. What move was the hardest for you to learn?

JS: By far the hardest trick for me was a 900.

7. Do you believe that a trampoline helps when trying to learn new moves?

JS: The trampoline was a huge benefit and help to learning different things. Jumping on the trampoline is good way to learn something and helps to get the feeling of a move.

8. Are you into the whole West Coast vs East Coast thing?

JS: I am not into the whole west vs. east thing. I respect everyone's style. If a person has fun doing a particular move, let them do that trick. Wakeboarding a certain way should not depend upon which coast you live on.

9. What do you like to do while you are not wakeboarding?
JS: Since I have been down at Point Loma University in San Diego, I haven't been able to ride as much as I would like. So when I am not wakeboarding, I love to surf. The waves are one hundred yards from my room, so it is hard not to surf everyday. I am pretty blessed to have such good waves in my backyard. I also spend some time in the snow. Snowboarding is rad because everything from wakeboarding transitions over to the snow so easily. The majority of my time is spent doing homework when I am not wakeboarding. School keeps me tied down, but only one more semester then graduation.

10. Are there riders that motivated you while you were just starting out? Are there riders that you look up to now as well?

JS: The riders that motivated me when I was first starting were guys like Greg Nelson (the epitome of smooth and style), Bill McCaffrey, CC Roberts, Byerly. The riders I look up to now: still Nelson, Collin Wright, Luke Wulf, and all the guys I ride with at home in Discovery Bay. I think I am motivated most by those I ride with all the time. They are the ones who push me to progress, Mike McMillen, Arun, Aaron, Mike Schweeny. I love to see beginners ride, especially when they are just getting the feel of the board.

11. Do you have any advice for those just starting out or even for those that have been wakeboarding for a while?

JS: I don't know if I have much advice for those starting out. I always like to say just have fun. If I am getting frustrated, then I know it is time to do something else or just watch the bro’s ride. There shouldn't be any reason why when I am wakeboarding that I should get frustrated or even start complaining. I know how fortunate I am to just be on the water and wakeboarding.

12. Is there anyone that you would like to thank?

JS: First I have to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing with such an awesome life. My parents for supporting me in everything I do. My sisters Chrissy and Emily, Double UP, Sanger boats, Spy, Ooga Boogga, Hardline, The WBC, Mike McMillen, Arun Frances, Aaron, Thomas, Ben Stanley, Tim Shrout, Tom Holmes, Woody, Rittacco, and the rest of the peeps at PLNU.

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