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LF Truth: Brostock Edition
By Liquid Force

Lake Powell is stocked with Bro’s…June 9th-11th

That’s right folks the official locations for BROstock have been released. Warm Creek Bay will provide the perfect backdrop for the event of the year. People keep asking, “Who’s invited to BROstock?” Everyone, check out the guy from Paris that sent a picture saying he’s coming and can’t wait to party with LF. The Alliance Wake crew will be on hand as well as plenty of industry “big wigs”. Don’t miss your chance to make it into the wakeboard history books. For details and locations go to and Join the party with and hang with the entire LF family

“The Truth”…honest, real, legit film

LF Films very own Justin “Hollywood” Stephens excitedly claims, “This is probably the most footage we have ever shot for a video…there is a lot of good wakeboarding going on right now and we are getting it all on film”. The latest LF team film appropriately named “The Truth” is under works with over 12 months of filming already logged as well as more to come. To check progress and for insight into the filming phenomenon go to


May 24, 1869

Major John Wesley Powell, an intrepid one-armed explorer, left Green River, Wyoming, leading an expedition down the Green and Colorado Rivers. The expedition ended on August 29, 1869, near grand Wash cliffs.


John D. Lee established ferryboat service across the Colorado River at present-day Lees Ferry, providing the first accessible canyon crossing.

Aug. 14, 1909

Rainbow Bridge, the world's largest natural bridge, was discovered. The 278' wide span stands 290' above the stream bed. Today, it's part of Rainbow Bridge National Monument, a popular vacation attraction at Lake Powell.

Oct. 20, 1956

Construction started on Glen Canyon Dam, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower pressed a button from the White House, detonating the first powder charge.


The final two generating units at the Glen Canyon Dam began providing power.

October 27, 1972

The Glen Canyon Recreational Area was established.

June 20, 1980

Lake Powell reached "full pool" for the first time at 3,700 foot elevation. Since that time, it has become the ultimate destination for house boating vacations.

June 15, 2004

Liquid Force makes Lake Powell an official test center shooting their 2005 catalog and blockbuster movie Relentless on site.

June 12, 2005

Liquid Force uses Lake Powell’s picturesque backdrop to shoot their 2006 catalog providing breathtaking photos.

June 2-11 2006

The relentless onslaught of filming, shooting photos, and simply having fun continues as Liquid Force brings the crew to enjoy the 2007catalog shoot, filming of The Truth and of course BROstock.

* Lake Powell is the 2nd largest man-made lake in the United States.
* Lake Powell is 186 miles long.
* Lake Powell has over 90 major canyons.
* Lake Powell has almost 2000 miles of shoreline (more than the west coast of the United States).
* Maximum elevation of Lake Powell is 3,700' (at Full Pool).
* Lake Powell is home to:
o More than 170 species of birds.
o 800 different mammals.
o More than a dozen reptile species.
* There are five rivers feeding into Lake Powell:
o The Green River from Wyoming.
o The Colorado River from Colorado.
o The San Juan River from New Mexico.
o The Escalante River from Utah.
o The Dirty Devil River from Utah.
* Glen Canyon Dam
o Started in 1957.
o Water depth is over 500' at Glen Canyon Dam at Full Pool.
o The crest spans 1,560' and rises 710' above the bedrock.
o Capable of producing 1,320,000 kilowatts of electricity.
o Crest spans 1,560'.
o First reached Full Pool in 1980

Mastering the Masters

Can you believe it Tiger Woods gets a hole in one…oops wrong press release. Ah here we go…Jimmie LaRiche, Amber Wing, and Harley Clifford made it happen at the 47th annual Masters in Pine Mt. Georgia. Mr. LaRiche claimed the title as Junior Men’s champion with Harley Clifford putting the pressure on in 3rd. Look for these Jr. Men’s champs to make a mad dash into the pro scene after a solid year on the tour. Another huge talk of the event was none other than Amber Wing. After recently landing the 1080, or was it a 720? We can’t keep up, anyway, she’s hot right now and placed 2nd putting the heat on the ladies podium. As always were super proud of all the LF athletes who attend and represented at this top notch event.

Hippodrome…June 24th and 25th

How do you top last year’s successful event? There is no doubt LF pro wakeskate team member Silas Thurman has a game plan. In fact the strategy goes into effect at Koppert Lake Washington on June 24th and 25th. The weekend will consist of two days of pro level wakeskating covered by Alliance wakeboard mag and Fuel TV. They’re inviting everyone to come out and camp the whole weekend to enjoy top-level riding, live bands and an all around good time. If you plan on riding you need to contact Silas and Collin at for your entry form and pick up times at the Portland airport on Friday the 23rd. There will be big cash prizes and every rider will get to ride both days. The contest consists of two events: boat run with rails and the pool jam. It’s going to be huge in every aspect (cue up the dancing hippo).

Speaking of Koppert Lake…

LF has added another “Official Test Site” to the growing list. Koppert Lake, owned by Active Watersports in the great Northwest is now officially rocking 100% LF wake gear! If you haven’t been to Koppert Lake, we highly recommend you do. It’s by far the coolest spot to ride in the North West… just ask Mikey Ennen… he and his crew frequent this place on a regular basis to session the wake and the rails and claim it their favorite place to ride. For info on how to score yourself a ride on LF gear at this lake, check out…

Sliding Sally’s Saloon…Minneapolis June 17th

The next slide show will be coming your way on June17th. This version of the Slide Show will locally be brought to you by Fresh Tip Productions, MN Inboard, The House, Pinewski’s, and Midwest Master Craft. The event will be hosted by Sally’s Saloon and Eatery (sounds fun already) in the downtown bar district on Saturday evening after a day of double ups on the Mississippi River. Mark your LF calendar and check the complete event schedule, including which LF riders will be attending, at

The next installment of “The Truth” is sure to be fully loaded with insane photos and even crazier stories of the Lake Powell adventures…

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