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Mastercraft Announces 2006 IWSF Wakeboard World Cup Series
For the 3rd straight year, Mastercraft is pleased to announce the 3rd IWSF Wakeboard World Cup Series a $270,000.00 cash purse with stops in 4 major cities:

  • Doha, Qatar – 17th & 18th April
  • Paris, France – 17th & 18th June 2006
  • Beijing, China – 24th & 25th June 2006
  • Singapore – 30th September & 1st October 2006

The concept of the Wakeboard World Cup is to bring together the World’s best riders in a showcase event in prime locations. With a cash prize of $60,000 including $15,000 first place prize for men and $10,000 first place prize for women, each event is guaranteed to be a great success.

Cash Purse ($60,000.00)
Pro Men Pro Women
Head to Head Format
1st $15,000.00 1st $10,000.00
2nd $10,000.00 2nd $5,000.00
3rd $7,000.00 3rd $2,000.00
4th $4,000.00 4th $750.00
Joint 5th $1,562.50
Joint 5th $1,562.50
Joint 5th $1,562.50
Joint 5th $1,562.50

A $30,000.00 bonus cash purse will awarded to the top male and female riders who have accumulated the highest grand prix points after all 4 Wakeboard World Cup stops (Qatar, France, Moscow & Singapore):

Overall Series Cash Purse (USD$30,000.00)

The World Cup committee has extended invitation to select riders based on the following criteria:-

1. Riders who participated in the 2005 WWC Wakeboard World Championships in Moscow. Riders who were ill or injured and unable to compete in the 2005 Worlds are considered.

2. Four (4) wild-card riders, two (2) male and two (2) female, chosen by MasterCraft.

3. Two (2) wild-card riders, one (1) male and one (1) female, chosen by the host country.

The biggest names in wakeboarding from 14 countries will compete in the 2006 Series including the defending Wakeboard World Cup Series Champion, Philip Soven, 2005 IWSF Wakeboard World Champion Jeff Weatherall and 2006 X-Games Champion Danny Harf, and the top 3 US Pro Tour riders: Josh Sanders, Brett Eisenahaur and Daniel Watkins. An increase in women’s prize money has attracted the likes of Dallas Friday, 2005 Gravity Games Champion Emily Copeland and 2005 IWSF Wakeboard World Champion Andrea Fountain

This year’s Wakeboard World Cup Series kicks off this weekend in Doha, Qatar. The main sponsors, Qatar Marine Sport Federation, Aspire and MasterCraft, are taking trend setting steps to maximize the impact in the region.

Spectators on the Palm tree lined 7.5km Corniche walkway overlooking the blue waters of the Persian Gulf, will enjoy watching world’s top riders. It has just been announced that two other major related events will also take place as a direct result of this World Cup programme. Both are an example of the real impact of this World Cup series created by the International Water Ski Federation (IWSF) two years ago. Its influence is gathering significant momentum.

Aspire (Academy of Sports Excellence) hit international headlines recently when they opened the world’s largest indoor Sports Dome in Doha. This enormous structure covers over 3 million sq.ft. The Sports Dome will play a central role in the Asian Games scheduled for December in Qatar. Aspire has invited Rodo Vinh-Tung, three time European Protour Wakeboard winner and also winner of the Wakeboard World Games and European X Games to run an intensive training course for 110 young boys and girls from the area during the World Cup Stop in Doha. He will provide the highest level of instruction for the youngsters aged between 6 and 19. The students will be presented with a certificate by their instructors. This event will be featured by the local TV and media organizations.

On 22nd April, and also during Wakeboard World Cup stop, a special Arab Wakeboard Challenge will take place beside the nearby Diplomatic Club in Doha.

Doha’ s Invitation List

Pro Women
1 Amber Wing Australia
2 Sunni Anne Ball Canada
3 Louise Moore Great Britain
4 Denise DeHann Netherlands
5 Andrea Fountain New Zealand
6 Emily Copeland (Mastercraft’s Wild Card) USA
7 Meaghan Major (Mastercraft’s Wild Card) USA
8 Dallas Friday (Doha’s Wild Card) USA
9 Cathy Williams (Doha’s Wild Card) USA

Pro Men
1 Brett Eisenhaur Australia
2 Daniel Watkins Australia
3 Josh Sanders Australia
4 Xavier Bonnett Belgium
5 Chad Sharpe Canada
6 Rusty Malinoski Canada
7 Jesson Vedel France
8 Hardy Tunnissen Germany
9 Toshimitsu Suzuki (Mastecraft’s Wild Card) Japan
10 Jeff Weatherall New Zealand
11 Matt Lammers South Africa
12 Clayton Krause South Africa
13 Morgan Krause South Africa
14 Cyril Cornaro Switzerland
15 Dan Knott Great Britain
16 Phillip Soven USA
17 Andrew Adkinson USA
18 Keith Lidberg USA
19 Danny Harf (Mastecraft’s Wild Card) USA
20 Tom Ellis (Doha’s Wild Card) UAE

Having the full support of MasterCraft and the world famous X-Star as official tow boat adds strength & depth to each event, ensuring riders achieve their best possible performances.

For more information on the 2006 Wakeboard World Cup Series, log onto:

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