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Liquid Force Truth For March
Gregg NecrasonMarch Madness…Gregg Necrason’s month
This month features Gregg airing a method grab over Mountain Sheep Canyon. Gregg, a true team veteran, makes this grab and pretty much any other move look good. This comes from many, many years of riding and practice as well as self discipline. We especially like the karate kids shot of Gregg in the lower corner…you can practically hear the karate chop…hii-yaaa!

Today in LF History- 1 year anniversary partnering up with Kansas City Watersports.
A year ago today we joined forces with Mid Americas only cable park to provide the ultimate wakeboard experience. Not to mention it’s conveniently located in the home of the best BB-Q food in the world, Kansas City.

Contest Of the Week-What was Gregg Necrason’s first official pro-model wakeboard?

The first wake fanatic to e-mail with the correct answer will receive an LF care package including an LF t-shirt, hat, and video.

Watson’s super sweet ‘do…

The “Watson/Bozworth” look was the talk of “The Truth” last week. We asked fans to send in photos of a ‘do as stylin’ as Watson’s crew cut gone bad. It was tough judging this one considering most of the photos carried solid merits in the laughter department. The final decision was swayed purely on the fact that her last name is the same as LF wakeskate team rider, ex-Free Motion front man, now DVS team manager Jim Leatherman. Congrats Skylar Leatherman you’ll be receiving a care package courtesy of Liquid Force, Jim and a bad hair day.

Collin HarringtonCollin Harrington lives to shred another day

After a recent knee surgery Collin Harrington is back on the water and loving it. Colin say’s, “My knee is feeling really good. I hit sliders the other day at the cable and it was like I never left a wakeboard.” He’s focused and ready to ride. He’s also been talking about experimenting more with wakeboarding in the surf. We can’t wait to see what this motivated waterman will bring.

Kevin Henshaw…5 times

We just talked to Henshaw and he’s already ridden 5 times today…Ah to be young again. The Canadian style master has successfully entered the limelight as a pro rider, although we still consider him a rookie with a fetish for moose.

Silas Thurman…NIKE team manger

Our very own wakeskate extraordinaire Silas Thurman is the NIKE team manager…read more at You have to see the pic of Steve “Schnoodles” foot as well as the photo of Silas looking like skateboard legend Mike Vallely see the resemblance at

Winch, wakeskate, and waves with Kyle Walton

Alliance Wake documented LF wakeskate team member Kyle Walton pushing the limits of the cable and wakeskating. Basically, you take 1,000 feet of rope, put the winch in the sand, and swim out into the surf. As the winch pulls you in you can cut around and use the waves as kickers, quarterpipes, whatever -- the possibilities are basically endless…see more at

FreezerideTexas Ski Ranch Freezes their Ride off…it was a cold day in the lone star state.

Texas is home to some of the most skilled professional wake riders around. The 3 day Freezride event was bigger, better and colder than anyone imagined. Quick Stats from the event-124’ LF sponsored A-Frame slider, heel side backside 7, a switch front side 7, mobe, switch mobe, whirly 5, indy s-bend 2 blind, pete rose and a switch 313, weather under 50 degrees and everyone lived to tell about it. Stop by to see how you can be a part of something so great.

Rio Harde…Viva Mexico

The LF wakeskate crew compiled of Philip Basino, Kyle Walton, Silas Thurman, Steve Schoenhals aka “Schnoodles”, and Aaron Grace are packing up the green cards and gear and heading to our neighboring country…good ol’ Mexico. Justin Stephens will be on hand filming for the latest LF Films project “The Truth”, as they’ll be staying at our friend “Jukes” place. Aaron Reed and Danny Hampson will be sitting out this trip as Danny’s studying hard in School and Reed’s rocking out in New Zealand (more details on this trip to come soon). It’s been awhile since we’ve been down there so the excitement and anticipation is building. The butterflies will really start kicking in when we cross the boarder into unfamiliar chaos caused by unruly laws, sights, and smells. They’ll settle down as soon as we set eyes on the warm Mexico sunset over the Rio. We can’t wait to see the footage…with these kids pushing wakeskating and the closest hospital hours away…it’ll be Mexico style for sure. Be sure to check out an upcoming issue of WakeBoarding Magazine, as Kevco and crew will be headed down there to capture the action.

Our money’s on the LF at the Masters

Several LF team riders have received an exclusive invitation to the premier Masters tournament at the world famous Callaway Gardens in Pine Mt. Georgia. For the official criteria and invitees go to You never know what will happen at this event however we’ve placed bets in Vegas in favor of the LF riders attending, Tino Santori, Kevin Henshaw, Philip Soven, Amber Wing, Phillip Combs, Harley Clifford, and Jimmy Lariche. The odds are in our favor…will the Soven’s sweep, can the Aussie Amber Wing clinch a title, or will it be Cinderella story?

Shane and Watson boots are coming

Lined up like soldiers waiting to go into battle the Shane and Watson boot have joined forces with the LF Navy and are on their way to the U.S. to fight the boot war. The LF Air Force is finished with recon and a strike has also deployed. What’s this mean for civilian consumers like you? You’re local pro shop will be infiltrated by the best boots on the market in mid March. How do you prepare? Perform recon and talk to your local shop. Next put a pair of Watson or Shane boots on order, we guarantee the first batch will be sold out before you even have a chance to try them on. Your mission, if you except, is to go to and study the boots, next find your local shop on go to the store and make it happen…the rest is history.

Girls learning to ride…so Maven it’s crazy

As far as were concerned the more girls the better. It’s great for everyone. Guys are happy for obvious reasons, girls are happy to have a company that supports them with specialized products, events, and programs. How’s for proof that LF’s Maven program is working? For info on how to sign up for these classes and events in San Diego check out and

Lake Powell and Liquid Force give away the ultimate houseboat vacation

HELLO. WE SAID FREE HOUSEBOAT. If you go to page 76 in the latest issue of Wakeboarding Magazine it gives you all the details. Also check out for more info on how to lock up your houseboat for “Brostock”, June 9-11. We can’t wait to see you on what Wakeboarding Magazine calls “The Best Party Lake” on page 106 of the latest issue.

We can’t believe how much is going on and it’s not even summer. Stay tuned as we keep you on your game with “The Truth”.

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