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Release of The Good Times DVD
Jared Eygabroad's new wake movie "The Good Times" will be available in a couple of weeks.

"The Good Times" by Scratch Films features all the riders who should be household names. This film showcases the O'Brien trip to Idaho where two brand new tricks were landed including a handlepass KGB 5 and a tantrum to blind rail gap where the rider lands back on the rail and handle passes out. New tricks, unparallel style, and a unique riding list makes this video a must see. "The Good Times" features the most progressive and creative riding to date. Riders include: The Ennen's, Sean O'Brien, Collin Wright, Perry Richmond, the Cardoza's, Chris Craig, Jonathon Nadolski, Brent Starr, Bret V, Brian Francis, Kyle Walton, Silas Thurman, and Nick Jones. A film by Jared Eygabroad.

The bonus features include a mix section of top name wakeboarders, a mix section of top name wakeskaters, Shasta Lake stories, wakeboarding rail session, diving contest, triple up session, Brandon Thomas' circus act, the Filmer's wakeboarding section, Active Water Sports riders' sections, Skating section of O'Brien Team, and more too. There's a lot and they are good too...

What makes the movie unique is not only does it have incredible riding, but it also has interviews and stories about the guys who fuel the sport. Each story about the riders is told by one of their friends and they are all funny and embarrassing. It looks at the lighter side of the sport, "The Good Times" had while hanging and filming with these guys.

The premiere will be April 1st in downtown Kirkland, WA at TJ's. The address is 15 Lake Street, Kirkland, WA 98033. Check for precise details including times, etc.

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